Workout at Gym or Yoga, what you prefer?

Sweating it out in gym via immense physical workout or attaining utmost flexibility via practicing discrete postures in yoga sessions? Being surrounded with loads of heavy-weight machines or a simple floor mattress you can vouch for? Fast paced jazz giving adrenaline rush or soul soothing music calming your nerves? Push-ups or yoga aasanas? Vigorous gym or rigorous yoga? Which one do you second?

I, certainly, ain’t playing any rapid fire round here with you but want you to get acquainted with the difference between yoga and gym. Read on!

#1 Weight Reduction

Gym, being an intense physical exercise, helps you burn out plenty of calories while Yoga, developed by primeval Indian saints, has been in the practice to attain spiritual enlightenment and lifestyle.

#2 Holistic Approach 

Gym is solely associated with body fitness while yoga envelops the whole body system taking into consideration the soul and the mind as well.

#3 Money Factor 

Work out at Gym can, apparently, costs you thousands of bucks as you will require an entire setup of gym including a trainer. On the other hand, yoga doesn’t demand you to splurge your moolahs for all you need to practice is an inexpensive mat.

#4 Age Group 

Yoga is suitable for all ages from children to adults to older generation while gym doesn’t cater to the needs of old age people or the ones suffering from heart or blood pressure ailments.

#5 Withdrawal Effects 

If at any point of time, you decide to discontinue your yoga sessions, there will be least chances of getting encountered with any withdrawal effects that you will have to face but such is not the case with gym. Discontinuing gym in between can cause havoc to your body. You might get suffered with intense body pains or soreness of muscles.

#6 Equipment Needed 

You can perform yoga even while going places but gym does not offer any such benefit. It cannot be done in the devoid of proper equipment and accessories.

#7 Post Session 

Exhaustion is sure to strike you hard after your power packed gym session but yoga renders stillness to the fickle minds.

So these were the major difference between yoga and gym. Now that you are familiarized with their pros and cons, make your choice and pick the one between both that suits you the most. However, it is always advisable to seek an expert’s advice  as all human bodies vary.

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