What does Green Poop Say about Your Health?



Your health is not determined just by what you ingest but rather what you excrete. Whether it is your urine or poop, their color tells a whole lot big deal about the well-being of your body. Apart from color, it is also imperative to take care of frequency, form and odor of your poop. No matter how uncomfortable the subject is, you cannot deny its prominence. Generally, the color of poop is light to dark brown. At times, there occur changes in the color or texture of your stool influenced by the foods you eat, beverages you drink, ailments you succumb to or abrupt changes in your diet.

What is Green Poop?

If you’re wondering that what does green poop mean, then you’re far from alone as it is a common problem which is being faced by people of all the ages barring none. Green poop is that solid waste which you release from your body but doesn’t possess the regular brown color. The reason behind the green stool can be attributed to the intestinal health, diet and other significant things. Although it may be alarming to see the green poop or faeces of color other than brown, there’s nothing to fret about.

What is Dark Green Poop?   

As already mentioned, what you excrete is the reflection of what you eat. Dark green stool is a condition in which the stools carry a dark hue or tint of green color. Dark green stool maybe the result of you consuming loads of green leafy vegetables, say, broccoli and spinach, for these foods constitute green pigment called chlorophyll in abundance.

What is Green Diarrhea?


A person suffering from diarrhea has extremely loose or watery stool. Inflammation in the intestines causes mucus and water to leak from the intestinal lining. When it happens, fluid and food pass through the intestines very rapidly, resulting in diarrhea. Green diarrhea is somewhat similar to that of green stool. The only thing which differentiates green diarrhea from green poop is that the stools are immensely watery and loose in the green diarrhea but the color remains the same.

What causes Green Stool? 

The green poop may be the result of your food moving too quickly through your large intestine, leaving no time for bile (which emulsifies fats in the body) to break the food entirely. Following are the causes of green poop:

1. Alteration in diet
green leafy vegetables

Most of the people who make changes in their diet by incorporating hefty amounts of green leafy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, spinach and lettuce sustain to green stool temporarily. However, that doesn’t mean that you stop consuming them. Green stool only is an indicator that your body needs time to get adapted to digest the real food instead of processed garbage.

2. Overgrowth of bacteria

In addition to your diet, there are several other causes of green stool, bacterial overgrowth being one of them. Digestive system of your body is, indubitably, a complex system in your body. There are many people who aren’t aware that there reside good bacteria in their body which are responsible for your healthy body.
Owing to discrete reasons, there are chances that you end up with too little or too much of good bacteria in your gut, leaving you pondering that what causes green poop but it is not much of an issue to deal with. You can easily restore your levels of healthy bacteria, enabling your digestive tract to function the way it should.

3. Laxatives

It is not at all normal when food is pushed via your system too fast. Bile secreted by your liver requires its own time to break down food in the intestines and perform its job perfectly. When Laxatives are taken by you to promote quick bowel movements, leaving no opportunity for stool to complete its cycle, your poop remains to be the color of your bile instead of brown.

4. Medication and Supplements

Unknowingly, the over the counter medicines and supplements which you take can also lead to the green poop. These medicines can disrupt the functioning and kill the healthy bacteria in your body, precisely antibiotics. Though medicines are not the only culprit here, iron supplements when consumed in large amounts make you pass green stool. Iron supplements do not always get broken during the process of digestion. Beans, cereals and red meat show the similar effects as well.

5. Travelling

Travelling may not seem as much reasonable cause as in comparison to other green poop causes, but it is a fact that travelling makes your body stressed out without you even realizing it. It becomes more disquiet when crossed time zones are involved. Lack of sleep, state of excitement, excessive exercise and relishing on different beverages and cuisines can all in tandem contribute to the green poop.

Green Stools in Adults:

green stool in adult

Dark green color poop may persist in adults for up to five to six days post the consumption of foods such as green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, lettuce; black licorice; artificial colors which are added to fruit juices, soda, other beverages, ice cream, cereals, sweets, milk products; and foods enriched with iron like beans, cereals, red meat and spinach. Green poop in adults because of ingested food or supplements/ medicines is normal and does not require much action to be taken. However, if you observe symptoms like constipation, fever, weight loss, diarrhea or general malaise alongside green stool, then you should seek the assistance of doctor as earliest as you can. It could be an indicator that there is underlying some serious disorder.  

Green Stools in Children:

green stool in kids

Children who are on clear-liquid ‘starvation diet’ during illness may experience green watery poop. Infants face the problem of green stool during the initial few days after delivery, and afterwards at the time of breastfeeding. Some baby formulas – vegetable mashes can also be the reason behind green color of infant’s stool.

Treatment for Green Stool:

stress free

The best part about this whole green stool thing is that it is not at all severe or fatal and gets cured within few days. All you need to do is keep your calm because stress can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Green stools in adults can easily be addressed by rehabilitating good bacteria in the body.

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