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The fundamental difference between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian diet lies in the use of meat (whether chicken, poultry, pork, or beef) or other animal based food products. The vegetarian people take all the daily requirement of nutritions from vegetables, pulses, cheese and leafy vegetables like spinach etc. or other dairy products. Non vegetarian people, apart from this vegetarian diet, also consume animal based food products, eggs and seafood .

So the only diet item which does not come in the diet of vegetarian people is animal based meat products.

Among the vegetarian people, there is another sub-division of people who do not consume meat but frequently take eggs and seafood. Which, according to them is not a non-vegetarian diet. While non-vegetarian diet can be classified as any diet which also includes some portion of meat or chicken. There is some difference in vegetarian diet and that comes on the basis of use of eggs and seafood.


Below you will find different types of vegetarian diets:

  1. Pescatarian Diet – here, people following this type of diet, do consume seafood and eggs but avoid animal based meat products. Like vegetarian people, they also include plant based foods and pulses and cheese in their diet plan.
  2. Lacto & Ovo-Vegetarian – vegetarian people who takes dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese, comes into this category. They do not take egg or seafood.
  3. Pure Vegetarian – people who do not even consume onions, garlic or anything remotely linked with animal food products comes under pure vegetarian category. They do not consume eggs or seafood. They also keep away from food containing gelatin such as gummy candies, marshmallows, and gelatin desserts, because the gelatin is derived from animal collagen.


Let us now consider some of the benefits of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Benefits of Vegetarian food:

vegetarian food

Cases of various diseases of intestinal nature are more common in non-vegetarian people than vegetarian people. Diabetes, heart diseases, hernia, coronary blockage and obesity are problems which are frequent in non-vegetarian diet eating people .

1. High in fibre – vegetarian foods specially the plant based foods are rich in fibre, which remove waste from the body. Fibre content is low or almost negligible in meat products.

2. Suitable for human body – latest medical research has confirmed that vegetarian diet is more suitable to the human body than non-veg food items. It is because of this reason that now days more and more people are turning vegetarians.

Benefits of Non-Vegetarian Food:

non-vegetarian food

1. Great source of protein – All animal food products contain amino acid which body requires and is essential part of the proteins. Non -veg diet also includes Vitamin 12 and two irons , Heme and Non-Heme.
Lack of vitamin and iron can cause fatigue. For women the iron intake is important since they lose lot of iron during menstruation period.

2. Food for body builders – body builders need protein and animal based food to build the muscles. Their requirement for protein is more than normal and only way to get fulfil that need is by consuming lot of meat, red or white and eggs.

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