Types of Meditation: Different Techniques You Can Try

What is Autopilot Daze? That is the nomenclature given by Amit Sood, the author of the book, “The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living”, to the state physically being somewhere but mentally somewhere else. For instance, can you keep your mind stuck to what you are going to read for the next few minutes, not drifting off to thinking about the evening show of Wolf of Wall Street you have tickets to? This is the “default Mode” that most of our thoughts turn into for a considerable part of any given day. This “Mode” makes one passive first and then unhappy. This state of mind, in turn, gives way to risks of depression, attention deficit and anxiety.

Meditation in Stress

Why Meditate?

Let us say, for instance, that you are bestowed with a visit by Angelina Jolie to your house as you are reading this. If you did not drop dead, you would at least have dropped reading this to do your duty by Ms. Jolie.  What has happened is a natural reaction on your part to the unusual happening. You completely lost focus on whatever you were doing and your whole body and soul concentrated on the new development. Meditation calls for the same sort of action on the part of your brain. Cut through the brain’s static and find focus. Why meditate? With meditation, high blood pressure can be reduced, depression can be done away with, and stress management is easier.


The hardest part of meditation is to concentrate. Beginners need not distress themselves over their inability to hold their focus even for a minute or so. You become adept at it as time goes by.

Walking Meditation

This is a simple but effective meditation practice. Find a place without too many people where you can walk for a distance. Walk slowly while all the while focusing on your feet. Watch carefully when your toes are touching down, how your feet are flat and the way toes point upwards. Try to visualize the roll of the feet. Note carefully the sensations that you feel in and around your feet.  If your mind wavers, bring it back to your feet. As days pass by, it will become a habit. The best thing about walking meditation is that you can practice it whenever and wherever you walk.

Novel Experiences

Familiarity breeds, if not contempt, at least a sense of ordinariness. You do not go running to your partner each time you come home after work, do you? But, what if you were seeing her after a month so?  Would you be as unmoving? Sood implores you to think far ahead. Think of the actual number days that you are going to return to your house every evening! Now you know the finiteness of human existence. Take every day as it comes!  Get your perspective right in respect of family, friends and just about everybody.  When your mind is at peace, meditation becomes a novel experience.

Meditation experience

Gratitude Exercise

No one wakes up thinking of something but within seconds thoughts crowd your mind.  Delay it deliberately for only two minutes. Keep your mind blank for those two minutes. Now, slowly think of somebody who you are grateful to. Concentrate on their face and dispatch a “gratitude message” silently. Think of another such person and then another.  The calmness that your mind acquires will surprise you and fill you with joy. And, that is what mediation is all about.

One main thing, during meditation the natural things like greenery, water, sunrise are the best. Now a days, artificial grass (rather than natural) are being deployed everywhere that are good for this purpose.

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