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Try these Methods and Razor won’t Trouble you Again

No doubt that men with beard look utterly drool worthy but clean shaven ones have got their own perks. With facial hair or sans it, razor is the best friend of any man. Even women have now begun befriending razors to remove hair from different parts of their body, such as abdomen, legs, underarms and others. However, frequent use of razor sometimes results in razor bump, razor burn or razor rash.

Given are some of the home remedies which you can perform to get purge of your razor and shaving problems:

Problem 1: How to treat razor bumps? / How to get rid of shaving bumps?

Razor bump is accompanied by itchiness and therefore, you experience an instant urge to scratch the affected area but you should resist the urge and not do it anyway. If you’re eager to know that how to get rid of razor bumps fast, then follow the following natural remedies.

Aloe Vera – Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated skin. Apply freshly extracted gel onto the affected area if you’re wondering how to soothe razor bumps.

Hot Compress – Make a hot compress by soaking cotton cloth in hot water and pressing it against the affected area on your skin.

Lemon Juice – Squeeze a lemon and take out its juice. Applying it over affected area shows positive effects as lemon is acidic in nature.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Dilute the pure tea tree oil with water as pure one is very strong and apply over your razor bump.

Problem 2: How to get rid of razor bumps on legs?

No matter where you’ve got the razor bump, the home remedies are more or less same for every body part. The home remedies mentioned above are equally fruitful to eliminate razor bumps on legs.

Problem 3: How to get rid of razor burn? / How to get rid of razor rash?

A razor burn is the irritation on skin that happens soon after you have shaved. There is a burning sensation which makes the shaved part itchy. Acquire these remedies if you want to know that how to get rid of razor burn fast.

Cold Compress – Cold compress is an easy and effective way to get relief from razor rash instantly. Take few ice cubes, wrap them in a towel and place over the affected area.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Anti-inflammatory characteristics owned by apple cider vinegar alleviate inflammation as well as itching. Dab a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply over affected area. Let it dry. Afterwards, wash off with water.

Honey – Honey has anti-bacterial properties which reduce inflammation and swelling. Apply some honey on your razor burn. Rinse it with water after it got dry.

Cucumber – Cucumber relieves itchiness and pain, thanks to its cooling and hydrating properties. Slice a refrigerated cucumber. Take one slice and rub it gently over the razor rash for 10 minutes. Repeat it at regular intervals.  

Problem 4: How to get rid of razor burn on legs?

As was with the case of razor bump, similar goes with the razor burn. The aforementioned home remedies are immensely efficient to help you eradicate razor burn on legs.

No razor woes you’ll have to face again! 

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