Top 5 kickboxing workouts


Kickboxing is basically a group of activities that are based on kicks and punching. Generally, it developed from the karate, the Muay Thai and particularly Western boxing. The kickboxing workout is practiced for sake of self-defense, maintain general fitness and specifically cardio health, and also as a contact sport. It is best recommended for full body taming and toning. The top 5 kickboxing workouts may involve the following;


It is a techniquewhich is somewhat similar to boxing punches.


It can be done via either of the following standard techniques;

–       Front or Push kicking that strikes face or chest on with heel of a foot

–       Side kicking involves striking with heel of foot on either side of body or head.

–       A 45okick involves strikes with front side of the foot to head/body in a splitting motion

However, there are a few other variant kick techniques that include circling, jumping, hook, axe or a back kicks.

Knee Strikes

These are of Muay Thai tradition. This mainly involves;

–       long-range knee kick

–       Escalating knee strike etc…

Cardio kickboxing

This consolidates a high intensity and influential martial arts along with the boxing & aerobics. Though, it doesn’t involvesany competition but it is carried out due to the health benefits.

Jump Ropes

Stretching is vital component of the Kickboxing workout and this can’t be skipped. For that, jumping ropes is best recommended for the beginners.

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