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Top 5 fitness model workout

To become a fitness model is not difficult these days. All you need to be aware of is proper way to workout. The top 5 Fitness model workout plans are presented in the following content to make you successful in this task. In order to be like a model, you must have a perfect body.

If you have too much of fat; it is destructive. Also, too much muscle is also illicit.  This is because the bulky look is certainly not what the media or mags search for. Thus, it is the lean, drawn out and toned look which is appreciated. Follow these top 5 workouts to get the lean look.


It is a vital component to any fitness plan. This sort of workout has to be targeted in order to achieve the fat loss. The best way is the interval workout; short and intensive. Such activity will cut the fat right-off; leaving a leaner you.


It is a sort of weight and body-weight training. It is much better than the machines due to numerous reasons. A few to mention here are;

ü  Better results

ü  Safer, and

ü  Healthier


To make yourself outshine, you really need to add this to your fitness model plan. Always remember to prefer free weights over machines.



This activity is often neglected. However, it is crucial and you really need to do this. Stretching provides flexibility that allows you to compete in a better way. Also, it helps you to get elongated muscle looks. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of injury.

Bench Press

Focus more on chest muscles because it carves a square or an angular chest. Prefer the pressing on inclines only to suppress the fast growth of lower packs.   However, avoid paying too much attention to lower chest workout, as this would otherwise lead your looks that resemble a woman’s breasts.

Six Pack

The grand six packs are distinguished characteristics due to which the men stand out from the row of boys. For that, planks and hanging leg lifts are basics that help in the tightening and toning of midsection and thus gave you tight six packs and a nice “V” between the pelvises.

Although workouts are vital; but diet is also of utmost importance and a success key to a lean body. However, it is time to understand this, so that your efforts are given a right direction.

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