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Top 10 Hair Problems and their Instant Solutions

Harsh summer robs the shine, softness, strength, volume and natural color of your beautiful mane leaving it frizzy, dull, thin, short, damaged and greasy. Despite your umpteen several attempts to retrieve it, you are left with no inkling of how to stimulate hair growth without the usage of callous chemicals. Fret not as we will cater to the every single hair problem of yours that exists and help you get purge of it, that too naturally.

Problem 1: How to make hair grow faster?

A healthy nutritious diet along with proper care of your locks is a must. Diet enriched with vital vitamins, minerals and proteins is mandatory. Incorporate these foods in your daily diet. Take a very good care of your strands by massaging them with oils, infusing them with herbs, taking vitamin supplements, staying stress free and using various hair masks.

Problem 2: How to grow hair longer?

Just a mere idea of having long and lustrous locks can get you jumping with joy, we wonder what tips on how to get long hair fast will do to you. To get your hair to a mermaid-worthy length can never happen overnight. You need to get regular trims to snip splits. Never ever forget to condition your hair after shampooing it. You also need not shampoo your mane every time you step into a shower. Perform oil or mask treatment once every week.

Problem 3: How to get thicker hair?

If you’ve been pondering for long about how to make thin hair thicker, then you’re lucky to have found this blog. Thin hair can be made voluminous at home by eating balanced diet with ample of green veggies in it. Besides, nourish your tresses with either of these essential oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil or combination of them. You can also resort to aloe vera to get essential nutrients by applying it all over your scalp. Avoid harmful chemicals at any cost.

Problem 4: How to straighten hair naturally?

You’ve had enough of hassles of detangling your curly and wavy locks every morning and want to know some sure shot way of making your hair straight at the comfort of your home. Right? Well, homemade masks come handy for this. Mix one cup of fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti), one egg white and two tablespoons of rice flour together and form a paste. Another effective hair mask for straight hair is that of an aloe vera. Mix one-half cup each of aloe vera gel and warm olive oil. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp.

Problem 5: How to prevent hair loss and how to promote hair growth?

Hair loss is, indubitably, the most annoying problem that most of us suffer from. It hampers the growth of your tresses as well. Proper care of your precious strands is the only way out to curb hair loss. We cannot help but emphasize more on the hot oil massage and wonders it does to your mane. Giving your scalp a hot oil massage does not only help in stopping hair loss but also encourages growth of your hair; be it coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or amla oil.

Problem 6: How to treat oily hair? / How to get rid of greasy hair?

Oily or greasy hair can be quite a fuss to deal with. One of the significant ways to tackle this predicament is washing your strands as frequent as you can. You can also use a dry shampoo in case you’re unable to shampoo your hair. Dry shampoo comes in handy to prevent the greasiness from getting to the mane. Apple cider vinegar is another effective alternative for oily hair. It kills fungus and bacteria, making it a great home remedy. Witch Hazel, being an astringent, helps close up the pores so that oil is released.

Problem 7: How to fix damaged hair? / How to get rid of frizzy hair? / How to treat dry hair?

No matter how dedicatedly you follow your hair care routine, sometimes your strands just refuse to behave and become dry and frizzy. To treat your dry hair and make them hydrated; first of all, you need to stop using hair dryers, blowers or any other hair gadget for they expose your strands to too much heat. Instead rely on natural drying of your delicate tresses. Next, use avocado to get rid of frizzy hair. Mash a ripe avocado with one egg and apply on your wet hair. Do this at least once a week.

Problem 8: How to get shiny hair? / How to get soft hair? / How to get silky hair? / How to get smooth hair?

Lying you are if you haven’t ever wished your tresses to be silky, soft, smooth and shiny! Anyone can grow hair but if it’s not worth touching, then it’s not worth having. However, the good part is you can achieve it by applying some homemade masks with the ingredients present in your kitchen cabinet such as Yogurt, Honey, Aloe Vera, Milk, Mayonnaise and Beer. They render your lifeless strands the moisture   they need, leaving the dullness behind. You will have lustrous and luscious locks to flaunt.

Problem 9: How to remove lice from hair?

Though head lice infestation can occur in anyone irrespective of age, more often than not, it’s the children (3 to 14 years) who succumb to this problem. In addition to nitpicking and combing, use olive oil to make lice suffocate and die. Another most effective home remedy of how to get rid of hair lice is Neem for it’s a natural insecticide. Apply a paste of neem leaves on your hair and scalp. Allow it to dry, and then rinse your hair. Do this at least twice a week for two months.

Problem 10: How to dye your hair naturally?

Hair dying is explicitly a fad popular among young men and women, and not merely restricted to the older generation to hide their gray strands of hair anymore. Henna hair dye, Chamomile beach mixture, Honey and coconut oil hair lightener, Coffee hair dye, Black walnut powder hair rinse, to name a few, are dyes you can prepare at the comfort of your home and get colored hair, that too without infusing and exposing your mane to harmful chemical colors.

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