The three secrets of Kripalu yoga

 As a part of the ancient hatha yoga, Kripalu yoga was brought in the USA from India by Amrit Desai in 1960. The word ‘kripalu’ was first used by the Kundalini yoga master Sri Kripalvananda. It means ‘to be compassionate’. That’s why the Kripalu yoga accentuates of the compassion during the daily life. This is an entire art that emphasis on the meditation, physical healing and spiritual transformation and contains a complex of postures which you can easily do in the comfort of your home.

 Nowadays this science has turned into successful sport which helps people to keep fit. When you begin to visit such classes you’ll enter the wonderful world of yoga, starting with relaxing breathing exercises and after a system of different Aasanas (postures) you’ll achieve the desired calmness and external piece. The path to the ultimate consciousness of the body passes through the 3 secrets of Kripalu yoga – 3 magical stages which follow smoothly one after another.

Willful Practice: The first stage focuses on the way you do the posture. During this stage you’ll get introduced to all the Aasanas and how you should do them. The goal of this stage is to learn how to make the movement safely avoiding undesired injuries, staying comfortably in any pose, as well as maximizing the positive effects. You’ll become familiar with the ‘press point’ technique – it helps in attuning to your body, assuring correct physical alignment. The difficulty in this stage expresses in the maximum stretch you cause on your muscles. But what you should know about the first level of Kripalu yoga is that details are not everything. You must strive to the safe position instead of the perfection.

You will exercise your will to stay in one pose longer time. Here you also learn to breathe correctly and free yourself from exceptional tension. The first stage accentuates on the right moving of Prana’s flow where ‘Prana’ could be described as the space energy or ‘energy of life’. This is the life-giving force that is straight connected to our mind and emotions.

Will and Surrender: After you have assimilated all the Aasanas and feel comfortable when execute any posture, you’re ready to pass to stage two: ‘Will and Surrender’. This stage accentuates on the meditation which develops the concentration and frees your body from the tension. During this level you’ll do the postures for longer time which will make your muscles stronger. Your yoga master will increase the time of the classes which will make them harder.

Surrender to the wisdom of the body: This is the last stage of Kripalu Yoga. Here you’ll forget about all of the rules you have learnt in stages one and two. You’ll start making the postures spontaneously, leading by the wisdom of your body. The goal of this stage is to allow the inner wisdom of prana to guide the body. It would be managed entirely by the mind; you’ll do the exercises naturally and unnoticeably.

This article is just an introduction to the art of Kripalu yoga. Actually, it’s a difficult science which needs lots of time and constancy. As a result of the long-term practice, you may achieve the ultimate body freedom and the desired balance between your body and mind. You will learn how to control your external energy, as well as attract the positive one.

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Rob Wart