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The secret behind Jake Gyllenhaal drastic weight loss for ‘Nightcrawler’

Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the renowned American actor, surprised everyone when he entered the red carpet at the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards on Monday night. The actor was hardly recognizable due to dramatic new look.

The actor had totally new appearance with a trimmed body and slightly grown hair, which made him hardly identifiable. The viewers were shocked to find great difference than he was looking just a month ago.

Due to the role of freelance crime reporter in his upcoming film ‘Nightcrawler’, the 32-year old actor cut down over 10 kg and surprised everyone present in the award function. He was interviewed at the show where he revealed the secret of his weight loss.

As per him, the drastic weight loss isn’t the result of eating disorder or any latest health issues. But it is due to proper diet plans and regular exercises. Who knows what else the actor did to shed his pounds? But he isn’t the only actor who had lost his weight drastically. You can check out for some more..

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