Tonsil Stones

7 Alarming Signs Of Tonsil Stones You Must Not Avoid

Symptoms of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil Stone symptoms can be very hard to detect without the usage of an X-Ray. There are, however, still some signs which can denote that you’ve succumbed to tonsil stones.

Bad Breath 

Bad Breath

No matter the tonsil stones are small or big, if you have them, you are bound to suffer from bad breath. Also known as Halitosis, you are unable to get rid of this particular bad breath which can be immensely annoying. It is often a signal to you that something’s fishy when you are not lethargic to brush your teeth daily and perform all the mouth pertaining rituals.

Difficulty in Swallowing 


If you are encountering problem in swallowing your food, then it’s your body signaling to you that there’s some severe problem. If you are experiencing this symptom quite frequently, then you need to pay visit to your doctor to get your tonsilloliths checked. There are high chances that your tonsil stones might be large in size as this problem is not faced by the people with smaller ones.

Discomfort in Ear 

ear problem

Ear, Nose and Throat are closely associated with each other which is why it is not uncommon to experience the problem in one of the areas even when the problem relies with another part of this system. Similar is the scene with the tonsil stones symptoms and discomfort in ear. When you are sustaining tonsils stones, you could probably have earaches.

Swollen Tonsils

swollen tonsils 

When you have got tonsils swollen, it is an indicator of numerous things, say, tonsil infections and other significant issues. However, you should also smartly take into consideration that it might be your body gesturing to you about tonsilloliths.

Sore Throat 

sore throat

Sore throat, unfortunately, is a much generalized symptom and can be applied to other conditions as well such as throat infections, common cold and post-nasal drip issues. However, it remains one of the significant tonsils symptoms. If you are contemplating that how to get rid of a sore throat, then salt water gargle is all what you need.

Visible White Debris 

Visible White Debris

There are various signs which tonsil stones give. One of them is being noticeable by the eyesight. When you’re able to see them, you’re ensured that tonsil stones are there. Though, it is not easy always to spot them depending on their size and other significant factors. If you notice tiny pieces of white debris in your mouth or in the crypts of your tonsils, indubitably you’re enduring tonsilloliths.

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