Swift workout for busy bees

Swift workout for busy bees

One may easily get the most out of a simple workout as illustrated in this content. It takes a few minute to follow this swift high intensity interval session and stay fit. Do multiple reps of each of them in 30 seconds and then take a break of max. 10 seconds. After that, immediately move on to the next workout type.

Jumping jack

Spread arms and legs to open your feet wide; while jumping.

Wall sits

Stand against wall and slowly slide down. Continue until your thighs come analogous to the floor. Hold briefly for a while and repeat.


Set your hands slightly wider compared to shoulder’s width and push yourself up; until the arms get straight.

Abdominal crunches

Bend your knees and flatten feet, now lift the head and shoulders upward


Bend legs slowly till thighs come parallel to the floor, and extend arms out straight.

Chair triceps dip

Keep elbows tucked in as you lower yourself. Push back up to straighten arms.

High knee running

Stand high and run in place as fast as you can while keeping knees up.

Rotational push-ups

Whilst you push up, rotate the body such that right arm lifts up above then coming back, rotate again while lifting left arm.

All these will only take you few minutes but provide innumerable benefits.

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