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Superb Seven Foods that Burn Fat

Choose the right kind of food may give the richness to your diet and early satiety to you. Make sure to pick foods enriched with protein and essential nutrients. Look at the following super seven foods choices for a well-balanced meal.


There are numerous health benefits of hot chocolate and research revealed dark cocoa may possibly decrease dementia in geriatrics. It contains antioxidants that potentially reduce cortisone levels.


It is full of fiber and proteins. It gives a feeling of fullness by sticking to the ribs. To enhance flavor, top it up with nuts or fresh fruits.


It is a low calories food that provides early satiety. Also, it is nutritious and contains protein, fibers and vitamins.

Roasted meat

Protein keeps a person fuller for comparatively longer time. Try roasted meat and steamed vegetables to have a nutritious meal.


Try eating roasted potato topped with salt or rosemary. Actually they are complex carbohydrates and keep you satiated for longer than carbs. One baked potato provides almost 12 percent of fiber that is recommended for daily intake. Mash the sweet potatoes to make a delicious and nutritious dish that contains vitamin A and C.


Make a hot and sour soup by adding some chilies. It is a good example of nutrient-packed food. Consider adding tomatoes (as source of fiber) and beef or beans (as source of proteins) to create a seamless blend.


Be a fan of pumpkin. Try pumpkin pie which has 50 calories only but 3gm fiber. Also, the antioxidant in it (beta carotene) fights oxidative stress & inflammation.

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