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Constipation is the ailment which is more often than not paid as much attention as it deserves to have because what people fail to recognize is that this mild looking disease can turn to be fatal. Chronic constipation keeps the caliber to kill, especially elderly. Because constipation is a very common problem, many people succumb to it putting their lives at risk. The next severe mistake people suffering from constipation commit is that they resort to the chemical stuff and pills to cure the malady. There are several natural laxatives available which would not only help you to get purge of constipation but also garner you multiple health benefits making you overall hale and hearty.

So the next time your bowel movements refuse to function as smoothly as they should, the following natural laxatives, you must know, are your savior.

Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar 

apple cider vinegar

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You certainly know this. But what you don’t is they are very fruitful in fighting with constipation. Raw apples are highly loaded with Vitamin C and digestive fiber called pectin which stimulates the bowels. Apple Cider Vinegar brings back your digestive system on track for it contains malic acid helpful in defecation.

Legumes, Beans, High Fiber Food 


Foods loaded with high fiber can be easily added to the diet as they are quite low in cholesterol which means they can be consumed in generous quantity without causing any damage to your precious health. You can also supplement beans with spices to obtain delicious new flavors. If you want to have complete protein intake, consume the legumes paired with whole grain.



Beets do not get the place they deserve in our regular every day meals which is a sad thing. They are those troves loaded with various vitamins, calcium and iron. You can consume them at any time of the day but the most suitable time to eat for easing stools out is the morning.


Drinking Water

Nobody would have ever advised you to drink less water. There is never a thing like over water intake. About 80% of our bodies are made up of water, that’s why there needs to have constant supply of it. Water softens the stool as well as relieve from dehydration. The first thing you should do whenever constipated is to increase the water intake from 10 to 12 glasses.



Prunes are the dried plums renowned for their benefits as natural laxatives. They are rich in Potassium and Vitamin A. The dried plums carry other benefits as well, say, they alleviate bad cholesterol and decrease the risks associated with both cancer and heart disease.

Flax Seeds and Nuts 


Flax seeds come loaded with loads of natural fiber and a lot of fiber means less of constipation. They force anything and everything out of their way to ensure proper bowel movements. They are rich in all-required Omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts such as cashews and walnuts have laxative effects as well.



Tomatoes are the fruits rich in Vitamin A, C and K. They supply your body the necessary fiber to ensure smooth stools on everyday basis. Tomatoes are used as vegetables as well, enriched with antioxidants, to keep potential perils like colon and prostate cancer. To leverage on benefits, pick the ones grown locally.

Coconut Water 


Coconut Water is another laxative which does not only taste good but yields maximum benefits in case of constipation. It clears out the urinary tract, lowers the blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and alleviates the risks of contracting glaucoma. However, you need to pay heed that excess of coconut water can result in loose motions which you would definitely not want to have.



Green leafy Vegetables are the excellent source of fiber which are packed with numerous anti-oxidants and nutrients. Cabbage is one of them. Fresh cabbage has high laxative effects, thanks to its fiber rich content. Cabbage, apart from curing constipation, also flushes out toxins out of the body becoming an excellent staple.

Aloe Vera 


You must be aware that these thorny leaves filled with magical gel are great for having a healthy and glowing skin but least you would have known that its consumption can give you significant health benefits. The plant carries 75 nutrients including 12 vitamins, 200 phytonutrients, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and a lot of water. Aloe Vera is very useful to avoid constipation.

Opt for these natural laxatives for your free from obstacles trip to lavatory every single time!   

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