preventive health check up

The main idea behind regular check up after age 40 is to pre-empt any medical crises. There are several medical problems which do not show symptoms till they reach fairly advanced state.

The medical problems which comes under this category are:
– blood pressure
– diabetes
– formation of kidney stone
– chances of prostate cancer
– any type of cancer
– blockage of heart vessels
– possibility of osteoporosis
To pre-empt these complication, it is advisable for any one above 40 to have regular health check ups.

The regular health checks become important because of following reasons:
Only the blood test will reveal the presence of blood sugar or other possibilities related to blood.
– Only check will show the level if any of blockage of heart vessels.
– In men, the chances of prostate cancer will come forth only through tests.
– In women, breast cancer formation will be revealed more clearly through medical checks.
– Cervical cancer in women do not show any early warnings.
– The chances of recovery are very high if any disease is detected at early stage.
– One problem may be the start of another medical problem for example, the blood pressure may be the beginning of heart problem.

A health check helps a person in below mentioned ways:
gives information to person on his lifestyle and its impact on his or her health.
– encourages a person to change lifestyle to prevent the consolidation of medical problem.
– gives ample time to person to take preventive steps and stop onslaught of a medical problem.
– with advanced information person can take the cost effective steps to check further complications.

Certain type of person must go for regular medical check ups, which are:
Person with family history of some medical problem.
– Person with excess fat.
– person with problems in breathing.
– Habitual drinkers and smokers.
– Tobacco users.
– Any patient who takes lots of medicine.
– Person with pain in or burning sensation in chest.

preventive health check up

Some important health check ups and the period by which they must be checked are:

1. Blood pressure
go for check for every 2 years in case of normal blood pressure.
– and yearly check up in case of high blood pressure or family history of same problem or heart issues.

2. Blood tests
go for blood tests to check cholesterol levels, blood triglyceride.
– every 5 years if you are normal and above 45 years of age.
– every year if you have family history of blood or heart issues.

3. Obesity tests
These tests will reveal any diabetes and cardiovascular diseases:
– check up should be in every 2 years for normal person.
– and with family history of diseases, then check up should be every year.

4. Diabetes test
Check up for diabetes should be for every 3 years for normal person.

5. Prostate cancer
At least once after 40 years of age to check the formation of prostate gland.

6. Bowel cancer
Check for this disease only if you have family history or have some blood in stool.

7. Eye tests
Go for check up every year if you have:
– eye problem
– any medicine taking person
– see flakes floating around eyes
– person with glasses or contact lens
– normal person every 2 years

8. Bone density
Ladies above 40 should go for test regularly.

9. Breast cancer
Self check is the best method to check formation of any hard spot on breast.

The basic idea behind regular medical check up is to catch any disease in early stages when the cost of treatment is low and chances of recovery are very high and almost curable.

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