• gout
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    One of the best Natural Remedies for Gout

    Apple cider vinegar is created from the apple must or cider by using fermented and crushed apples. It has been used as a folk remedy since thousands of years to prevent spoilage of food as well as like a cleaning agent. Apart from the countless health benefits it has to offer, apple cider vinegar helps…

  • tonsil stones
    Tonsil Stones

    How to remove Tonsil Stones without Surgery?

    Post Nasal Drip Tonsil Stones: Tonsil stones are hardened balls which are white in color and accumulated inside the crypts or pockets of tonsils located at the back of the throat. Tonsil stones are often caused by nasal fluids drain. Persistent problem with post-nasal drip is a potential cause of tonsil stones. Dripping down the…

  • blood pressure
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    An immensely effective Drink to Control Blood Pressure

    The pH value of a solution tells about its quotient of how acidic, basic or alkaline it is. Water is believed to be neutral in nature falling in none of the criteria mentioned. In your body ph balance apple cider vinegar plays a very imperative role. What is High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure is…

  • Xanax

    Beware! This Anxiety Relieving Medicine Possesses Some Serious Side Effects

    Overview: Xanax is a prescription-only medicine which has been approved by FDA to cure panic disorder and generalized anxiety. Xanax is also prescribed by the doctors for treating recurrent nightmares as well as alleviates unease caused by quitting smoking. Although people who take the medicine are expected to experience some side effects, some certain ones…

  • weight loss
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    How to Lose Weight with Black Coffee & Apple Diet?

    Fruits are the troves of vitamins, fibers, water and other essential nutrients. From grapes to mangoes and lemons to strawberries, from bananas and melons and guavas to apples, consumption of these fruits keeps discrete diseases at bay. However, in this blog we are going to talk precisely about apples, pears, their nutritional values and how…

  • Metformin

    Side Effects of Metformin You Must be Aware of

    Overview: Metformin is a drug which is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and in some cases to treat the women suffering from PCOS. It is taken orally and is most commonly prescribed to the patients who are overweight, obese or who have a healthy kidney functioning properly. While the side effects of…