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Natural Skin Protectants for Winter Blues

Natural Skin Protectants for Winter Blues

In immune system, skin is the first line of defense. The surface area of an average adult’s skin is around 21sq.ft weighs 9lbs and contain >11 miles of blood vessels. Therefore, it is worthy to take extra care of your skin; both externally via topical applicants and internally through dietary changes. Clinicians recommend that one should change daily skin regimen with changing weather conditions; especially during winter. It is not just because of the cold environment outside, but due to heat inside that can dry out skin. Add following in your winter beauty routine.

Eat Tomatoes

Tomato is the richest source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Eating plenty of tomatoes will protect skin against the sun damage. These help by blocking UV penetration and thus prevent damage to susceptible skin.

Use natural Moisturizer

Drying leads to premature aging. Use oil based preparations to form a protective barrier on skin. Choosing glycerin is a wise option in this regard.

Drink more Water

Try to keep yourself hydrated. Ideally drink 8 glasses of water daily.


Vitamin C helps to diminish dryness. One cup of strawberries can provide 150% of daily recommended amount of citric acid.


Cocoa doesn’t share any link with skin problems; in fact it is beneficial for skin. It contains a flavonoid (Epicatechin) that increases blood flow to skin, boost nutrients and oxygen supply, thereby resulting in healthy skin with improved texture.

Stay fit, wear sunscreen, eat healthy and enjoy the winter blues

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