key tips for meditation

Meditation is an individual experience. And like all individual experiences it differs from person to person. The main aim of any form of meditation is to induce relaxation and calmness of mind. The secondary goal is to stop the internal chattering or noise of mind and connect with inner subconscious mind for lasting benefits. As long as a person is able to achieve these goals from a particular meditative style, there is no need to change a personal meditation style to other meditation style.
The only aspect of any form of meditation which you have to keep in mind is to do the meditation in proper way to gain its full benefits.


Read here the the basic tips for any meditation practice:

Quiet place – the perquisite for any form of mediation is to find a place where you will not be disturbed for few minutes.

Particular time – go to this place everyday at a particular time. this is important for beginners as this habit will easily take your mind to meditation mode.

Upright Posture – though any posture in which you can sit for some minutes without discomfort is good for meditation, however, sitting in upright position is essential for proper and deep breathing.

Focus on breathings – the simplest method of mediation is focusing on inhaling and exhaling process. However, if you are not able to focus on breathing then you can take deep breath, hold it for few seconds and then release it.
Some people prefer chanting some words repeatedly. Others focus on candle flame or any music which they find soothing enough to calm and relax them.

Don’t control mind – whether you are focusing on breathings or on a particular object, do not force mind too hard, it will disturb you relaxation efforts.

Let random thoughts to come – it is natural for your mind to wander, and thoughts to emerge in mind. Try to keep mind free from them by not going after thoughts for analysing them.

Close your eyes – closing eyes allow you to cut from the world around you and go into inner self. Here you will see the darkness and try to dive into that darkness by concentrating on breathing pattern. Remain in this position for few minutes and more, if you are comfortable.

Slowly open the eyes – slowly open the eyes. Rub the hands together to generate some warmness in hand and move your hands on face to transfer this warmness to face. Slowly move from that posture and place.

Take guidance of an expert – any one who fails to get mind into proper state of meditation can take the help of any expert. For beginners guidance of an experienced practitioner will help immensely. After some experience, guidance will not be required.

Practice daily – the only proper method if there is one, is to practice meditation daily and if possible at a same place and same time. This is the way to learn more about meditation and gain much from it. With daily practice you will come to know the best way to do the meditation.

key tips for meditation

All above mentioned steps form the base of the any meditation method. Take these steps and try to do the meditation instead of reading or learning about proper way. With your efforts along the way you will stumble upon the proper way of doing meditation. This will be your individual method and the best suited to your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong way of doing meditation.

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