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Numerous studies have confirmed the beneficial aspects of meditation. Meditation de-clutters mind and rejuvenates us. We gain more relaxation, have sharper minds and sleep soundly. It improves concentration. With meditation we connect with subconscious mind and tap into those ideas and potential which lies dormant without meditation.

Medical studies have also corroborated the results that meditation lowers blood pressure and strengthen immune system. These physical and mental benefits are attracting lot of young and middle age people towards meditation. But they do not have clear idea of how to meditate.

Here beginners will find simple step by step guide for going into meditation.

Let us see how a beginner can learn how to meditate :-


The most easiest method to meditate for beginners is to concentrate on breathing without trying to force or change the natural pattern of inhaling or exhaling. But to do that, beginners have to take following steps.

meditation for beginners


Getting into position
To get into position for meditation, beginners must follow these tips:

1. Find a quiet place – find a quiet place and keep the same place for everyday meditation. Changing places frequently will not bring mind to meditative pose easily. Keep place neat and clean and use incense or flowers to create pleasing atmosphere if you wish.

2. Chose a particular time – chose a time when you will not be disturbed for few minutes. This is important because everyday same place and same time will get you mind into meditative mode automatically.

3. Wear comfortable clothes – there are no particular type of clothes for meditation but whatever you chose should be comfortable for you in sitting position.

4. Keep a timer if you want to – keep a watch in front of your or set timer with your smart phone. Start with few minutes. Do not set long time.

5. Sitting position – either sitting on chair or in meditative pose, also know as lotus pose, sitting position need to be comfortable, so that you can sit for long time without moving much.

6. Position of hands – keep hands in your lap or on sides. Do not worry much about their particular position. The main idea is that you must be comfortable in any position which you chose.

7. Keep eyes open – closing eyes may take you back in some old memories, however, you can close eyes if you feel comfortable and relaxed.

8. Close mouth – close mouth while breathing but keep jaws relaxed without clenching or grinding teeth.

how to meditate


Focus on inhaling and exhaling of breath – just concentrate on breathing process. Make no effort to change the pattern or force inhaling or exhaling.
– you can focus on expanding and shrinking of chest.
– or you can focus on breath coming and going from nostrils.
– important point is that you must feel comfortable concentrating on some aspect of breathing process.
– bring your mind back to the breathing when it goes away from it.
– just concentrate without thinking or remembering passage of each breathing cycle.

In case of any difficulty in focusing – Start counting 1 for inhaling, 2 for exhaling and 3 for next inhaling, go to 10 and then start again. Whenever your mind wanders, start the counting from that number or restart from 1.

Enjoy the focus – enjoy your focus in the following ways:
– just enjoy the period of doing nothing and focusing on breathing.
– expand the time slowly with your enjoyment.
– slowly you will see random thoughts and internal clutter are going away.
– with the time you will get the full benefits.

Enjoy the journey – Try to go to same place at same time and indulge in few minutes of silence. Expand the duration slowly with enjoyment. Don’t abandon the practice after few days. Stick to it and you will realize how it is slowly changing your mental health.

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