Meditation for People Who Can’t Sit Still

Are you one of those people who never grew beyond the age of 2 or 3 and have to swim in the air once every two seconds while sitting? Is procrastination your second name? Does  define your body language? Do you find it impossible to sit still even for a minute? Are your legs trying to run away from you even without you tagging along? Is it always an  filled moment for you? If your reply is a sheepish yes to all the above questions, meditation is an impossible task for you, right? You wouldn’t dare take that challenge, simply because you’re sure you would fa miserably?Wrong! How, you ask?

Try A Little Harder

Ever tried attending a meditation class? What does meditation require you to do? You would only know of this if you do make the effort of going to one. Let us help you though. You need to sit down comfortably, shut your eyes and – the almost impossible part for the beginners – forget about everything, yes, everything and go into a deep focus. And, gradually get yourself to completely relax. Is this possible at all? How can you forget the tiff you had at the office cooler with your immediate superior? And, how can you at all forget the date you are eagerly looking forward to towards the evening?  You can, you only have to try. And, try a little harder each time you fail. You will get into the groove in time.



Body First

Here is how you go about it: Take preliminary steps to acquaint yourself with what is required of you. This is in order to quieten your mind.  Someone who learns swimming, for instance, does not plunge into the pool right away. He has to imbibe the movements and co-ordination of his limbs and muscles with an instructor in attendance. Beating about the water soon gives way to synchronized action and he swims away. It is the same here too. The muscles you use while meditating are to be subjected to exercises that will strengthen them. How do you do that?


Tai Chi to the Rescue

Have you heard of Tai Chi? Many people think it is part of meditation. It certainly is not. It may be confused with meditation because some of the practices in Tai Chi do resemble some meditation techniques.  Tai Chi movements are conducted very slowly which also leads people to conclude it is a form of meditation.  Tai Chi emphasizes on energy in the healthy body and the mind.  The Taoist mechanics have evolved into a meditation form in a natural progression.


The Differences

It is understandable if you cannot be bothered about the distinction that we are trying to draw between tai Chi and the actual meditation. You may say, “Tai Chi is good, it makes me feel relaxed. I am comfortable doing it and that is it” and go on to the next thing.  You will do well to know that developing body energy is the aim of Tai Chi. However, developing the energy of mind spirit is achieved only by meditation. Tai Chi, we can say, is the conduit through which the body energy aids mind and spiritual energy.

Let us come back to your problem! If you keep reminding yourself of the distinction as described as above, you will speed up the progress towards inculcating meditational techniques and yes, sitting still.

Some people use to hide their age, these are good for some cases, but mostly exercises and healthy foods are the best way to look young. And this is what the meditation is all about.

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