Life Changing Meditation Exercise for Beginners

Stress is part of everyday life; everyone’s life. And often, de-stressing your body and mind becomes difficult amidst work pressures that surround us. It might then take a little more effort than just sleeping it off or venting it out in front of your friends. Meditation is a natural way to drain out the stress and preserve your health. This article will instruct you with the basic meditation techniques that you can practice to detoxify yourself. Very easy and effective, these techniques will not consume much of your time and render your fresh and healthier in the end.

Breathing 01: Relaxation

This is the first step to start your meditation. It will help you relax and concentrate better. Sit cross-legged, with your back upright, and make sure the position is not uncomfortable. Rest your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Try to focus in the centre of your being and release your thoughts. Now, inhale and hold your breath for one second, and exhale. Count your breath, and try to focus just on the process. It is important that you keep your mind from drifting away or losing focus. Repeat this for 3 minutes. By the end of it your breathing, you should be calm and you should feel relaxed bodily as well as mentally. Enjoy this flow of air within and without, and feel the peace that is building inside of you.

Breathing 02: Gratitude Meditation

The key to achieve something is to focus on it. But often, unfortunately, we focus on the negative sides of it or the things that are keeping us from reaching the aim. The purpose of this meditation is to help you focus on the better things and let positive thoughts flow through you. It is a continuation of the first step. Follow the first steps, inhale-exhale-count-concentrate. To this you have to add a thought process and count the good things you have. This will shift your attention from the troubles you are facing, and make you aware of the good things surrounding you. You can draw positivity from these thoughts and progress to the next level of the meditation.

Now you have to think of all the things you are thankful for. This could include your body, your friends, your family, your job, or your neighbor – in fact all the things that you don’t consider as gifts. Looking at Nottingham Based Therapy will be a good idea for consultation.  Once you have listed all the small and big gifts you have in life, try to inculcate a sense of gratitude. As a first attempt, you might not be convinced of this technique or not feel its effect building in you. But you have to keep your mind from diverting and believe in this technique.

Continue the process for 3 to 5 minutes.

Meditation will not solve the problems in your life or help you overcome the obstacles. But it will help you gather your strength and to find the answers that are hiding within you. It will reveal your hidden capabilities and this new potential will change your life.

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