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New medical researches will continue to add more knowledge on health and wellness issues. Old beliefs will give place to new findings for better health care and fitness levels. The use of technology specially the spread of technology through smart phones enables common man to reap its benefits for improving and maintaining health. The use of Apps for almost all health issues and wearable bands to monitor various parameters of health are becoming common.

Here are some latest health trends which people are increasingly picking up for better health:

1. Use of intense physical exercises – The latest results have confirmed that burst of activities in short period involving all muscles are more beneficial than working on single muscle for longer period. This revelation has given birth to many exercise regimens like crash work outs and intense activities which affect all parts of the body.

2. Use of diet to reduce fat instead of dieting – diet has lost its significance in fat reduction. People has come to realize that dieting periods are followed by more eating which give no long term results. Now people are eating more fibre and protein food and going for physical exercises to reduce fat. Eating balanced diet which suits individual lifestyles is gaining popularity.

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3. Slow eating and chewing well – eating slowly and chewing well is gaining popularity. This practice leads to better digestion and less chances of over eating. The food is chewed well swallowing. The big plus of this habit is less calories intake and better way to maintain weight.

4. Technology on wrist – this is one of the newest health trends. With band on wrist which allow a person to monitor his blood pressure, calories intake, heart pluses, sleep patterns. The technology has become part of the common person technology used for for better health. The release of i watch by Apple will take wearable technology to affordable levels. This technology will provide information and data for improving health levels.


5. Less use of artificial sweet drinks and sweeteners – more and more people are using natural sweet products and sweeteners like honey, date sugar and maple syrup. The preference for soft drinks and readymade juices has decline and will continue to decline. Eating fruits and use of natural juice or just plain water instead of canned juices is gaining popularity.

6. Need to move out in greens – spending some time in greenery or natural space is increasingly seen as good for mental health. Watching greenery activates part of the brain that is associated with love, empathy and pleasure. And what is good for mental health positively affects physical health also.

Besides these trends, newest health trends which are changing the face of health care industry are:

1. Patient at centre of care – patient will get individual need based treatment instead of generic treatment. The whole treatment will cater to patients satisfaction and overall well being.

2. Use of social media – Patient will increase the use of social media to buy medical treatment from the best provider like any other commodity. The interaction will increase and service provider will also have to make themselves attractive in terms of better facilities, cost effective treatments suiting individual lifestyles and better medical products.

social media

All the above mentioned trends not only will dominate the health science in coming years but will help in improving the general health of people.

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