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Kim Kardashian 43 pounds weight loss secret revealed

Kim Kardashian, one of the famous American TV personality, actress, model and fashion designer shocked everyone at the interview released on 4th November. Here she revealed all the secrets related to exact diet and exercise plans with some other weight loss attempts.

The actress gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. For this, most of the people criticized her, but due to her dedication and motivation, she gathered all the strength to take up the challenge. And the result is in front of all. She quickly transformed her body and lost over shocking 19 kg since she gave birth to a baby girl.

In the interview, she told that it was the greatest challenge of her life to cut down extra pounds, and she succeeded to large extent. According to her, she consumes about 2000 calories a day that include proteins and healthy fats. Her daily routine diet includes-

Breakfast: Omelet (two eggs) with spinash and cheese

Lunch: Fish, salad, grilled salmon with asparagus

Afternoon Snacks: Greek yogurt with almond and berries, and turkey meat with cheese

Dinner: A leafy green salad including chicken breast with broccoli

In spite of a great challenge in front of her, the actress only ate cards during pregnancy and was mentally prepared to shed down pounds due to increasing criticism. Apart from these delicious diet plans, Kim followed extreme exercise routine. Immediately after giving birth to a daughter, she enrolled in Pilates Plus and Barry’s Bootcamp for effective weight loss exercises. With the help of hard work and better diet plan, Kim could lose her pounds effectively.

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