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It’s time to nourish you for healthy heart, smooth skin and shiny hair

Olive oil

Olive oil is gaining fame among top chefs due to the unique flavor it gives to any food. Olives originate from Mediterranean region where the residents are admired for longevity, smooth skin and luscious hair. This is because they use olive oil as a staple in diet. Not, it’s your turn to enjoy the health benefits of Olives along with great taste.

Healthy Heart

Oil is important ingredient of a balanced diet, whereas olive oil is the healthiest; compared to all other types. It has mono-unsaturated fat which controls LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol. This well-managed lipid profile markedly reduces the risk of heart diseases. It is recommended by U.S FDA, to eat two tablespoons Olive oil daily for a healthy heart.

Smooth Skin

Olive oil contains beneficial anti-oxidants that prevent cell destruction and helps fighting the signs of aging. This results in youthful appearance; especially when applied topically. Basically, Olive oil moisturizes the dry skin. As it is a natural product; therefore, no adverse reactions are associated with it.

Most of the skincare cosmetics fail to penetrate into the skin. However, the extra virgin oil of Olives contains >80% oleic acid which can penetrate the skin to;

–       Heal damages

–       Reduce wrinkles and

–       Improve the skin texture (i.e. smooth)

Shiny Hair

For dry or brittle hair, olive oil can really help. Deep conditioning with olive oil once in a week will make your hair manageable. Actually olive oil moisturizes hair and this gives them a healthy shine.

Olives makes delicious dishes and it is acknowledged that a combination of nutritious diet with olive oil produce a positive impact on the cholesterol level and heart. Furthermore, if added to the beauty regimen, it really helps to improve the skin texture and hair.

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