Improve your body with the magical breathing techniques of Bikram Yoga

Nowadays the passion and wishes of people to lose weight fast and easy has unconsciously popularized the ancient arts of different yoga types in that case – the Bikram yoga. Believing that the exercising of meditation and physical movements will help us, we enter the magical world of this deep science which not only cures our bodies but also our souls. Starting with the basic 26 postures of Bikram yoga you easily will improve the entire system of your body including the circulating of the blood, metabolism, avoid upcoming heart diseases, taking out of depressions, etc. The secret of Bikram yoga is in its ability to touch every part of your body throwing away all the toxics that it contains, making it clean, fresh and free.

But can Bikram yoga help you if losing weight is your only goal?


The answer is… Yes! By regularly practicing of all the exercises you’ll improve your metabolism and reduce the appetite. With the course of time you’ll start heaping muscles instead of fats which will make you stronger and charged with energy. According to a recent test, one Bikram yoga’s training burns about 500 to 1000 calories which sometimes is more than even 2 hours in the fitness center. One of the biggest benefits of the Bikram yoga is that you’re also training your cardio system without the need of a separate program.

Now if you want to start your Bikram yoga’s home course, you need to do some breathing exercises which goal is to prepare your body and soul for the heavier working out. The basic standing breathing pose in Bikram yoga is called Pranayama. Its goal is to help you expand your lungs and improve detoxification of your organs, as well as making the blood flow smoothly around. With this position you’ll put your body into a perfect relaxation and will imagine that you could do it all the daylong!

To take the exotic Pranayama position correctly you should follow the next steps:

  • Relax!
  • Start breathing slowly which will cause a positive effect to your lungs. This way you’ll prepare them for the more complicated upcoming exercises.
  • Your back must be naturally straight all the time without bending backwards.
  • Your shoulders must be at the same line of your hips.
  • Slightly squeeze your buttocks to put your hips forward.
  • Try to exhale slowly by tilting your head back slightly at the same time.
  • While exhaling lift your arms up to the ceiling which will directly open your ribcage.  
  • Now inhale slowly again trying to relax your head down.

 Breathing is one of the most important parts of your Bikram yoga’s training. You should do it every time before the real exercises. It’s proven that it brings your body about 6 times more oxygen than the normal breathing. In the beginning you may feel a little bit dizzy but this is normal because of the sudden flow of energy that heaps to your body. As a result of the deep breathing you achieve an ultimate detoxification of your lungs, as well as bringing a huge amount of energy to your body faster.

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