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Ideal foods to help you build Strong Bones

Ideal foods to help you build Strong Bones

Eating a right diet for healthy bones comes down to 2 main components; Calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is a mineral that is stored in bones, while vitamin D is essential to aid in absorbing calcium. Insufficient calcium in diet can make the bones fragile, brittle and relatively susceptible to diseases and fractures. To keep the bones dense and strong, need of calcium increases with aging.

Milk, cheese and yoghurt

A cup of milk or yoghurt gives 30% calcium of your daily recommended calcium. Also try eating cheese made from skimmed milk.

Green Leafy vegetables

These are preeminent non-dairy source of calcium, except spinach that hinders with calcium absorption in body. Broccoli is good for bone health and richest source of Vit-C, fiber, and nutrients with cancer fighting properties


A fatty fish; salmon, catfish and tuna are best source that fulfills daily recommendation of vitamin D. also they contain potassium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acid.


Almonds contain highest amount of calcium. .


The egg-yolk contains a considerable amount of vitamin D and help improving bone health.

Together, these make a good advice and best choice for all; especially breakfast lovers.

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