Tonsil Stones

How to remove Tonsil Stones without Surgery?

tonsil stones

Post Nasal Drip Tonsil Stones:

Tonsil stones are hardened balls which are white in color and accumulated inside the crypts or pockets of tonsils located at the back of the throat. Tonsil stones are often caused by nasal fluids drain. Persistent problem with post-nasal drip is a potential cause of tonsil stones. Dripping down the back of your throat is caused when you are sick or have allergies. This is essentially a whatever you-can-eat buffet for the tonsils as there is so much bacteria being swallowed that the tonsils are snatching up all of them that they can, shaping the tonsil stones meanwhile. Despite the fact that your body implies well in doing this, it can end up bringing about reoccurring issues with tonsil stones.

tonsil stones

Removal of Tonsil Stones via Surgery:

Post nasal drip can be very uneasy and can make you catch sore throat, cause trouble in swallowing and dry mouth as well. If you visit a doctor to get your tonsils removed, they would suggest you to go for tonsillectomy which would most likely be performed by an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) at a hospital or some surgery center. You will be sedated and then the procedure will commence via your mouth. Special tweezers and scraping tools are then used to remove the tonsils from the rear of the throat. After the surgery, the surgeon will stitch you up and you’re done with the surgery.

tonsil stones

Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip Tonsil Stones:

However, if the mere idea of the surgery sent shivers down your spine, there are home remedies available to treat your post nasal drip tonsil stones.

  • Do gargles of warm salt water or mouth wash with no alcohol thrice or more times a day to try, corrode and break down the stones.
  • You can also use a dental machine or tool called waterpik to massage the area around the stones in order to pop them out and flush the area out with the stream of water from the pik itself.
  • You can also use cotton swabs in place of a waterpik if you do not have enough bucks for one; just make sure you are applying enough pressure to get the job done.

tonsil stones

Of course these remedies come along with a little more discomfort and pain but the end result would be much more fruitful and that too at a dramatically lower price.

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