Pushups are the basic exercise to keep oneself fit and build upper body muscles. It is also one of the easiest exercises to do and involves just your energy and enthusiasm. But it can be bit difficult for some people specially the beginners. Anyone can do at least one pushup, but the idea should be to do as many as possible in sets or at intervals to build up the stamina and strength.

Here the aim of this article is to enable you to do many pushups as your strength permits. And if you are into pushups, then this article will explain how you can gradually buildup the stamina and strength to do more.

Anyone men or women from 16 onwards can do pushup. Though, people of age above 60 can do pushup if they are in good health and take proper diet.

Keep following factor in consideration before starting or trying to increase number of pushups

  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Age,
  • Nutrition level
  • Sleep
  • General level of health

Starting pushups –counter pushups — first try to do the counter pushups for gradually building stamina for full weight pushups. Here your weight will be taken by the some obstacle and you do not have to lift your entire weight in pushups.57306527






















How to go for it— phase 1

  • Wear footwear, so you are not slipping on floor
  • Put hands about shoulder width apart
  • Try to touch the ground with your chest, but do not go and completely touch the ground or any obstacle on which you are resting your hands.
  • Lift shoulders slowly
  • Do as many within your comfort level
  • Do not put extra pressure on your body or shoulder
  • Take adequate rest before starting again
  • If you are not comfortable , then do not start again , stop for the day

Phase 2 – building strength and increase sets

Here you can come on the knees from the first support system which you took in counter pushup.

  • After putting body weight on knees, do as many pushups as possible till comfort level
  • Take rest, at least for 2 minute and then start again,
  • Slowly try to touch the ground with your upper body and then lift upper body part slowly.
  • Do not anything in jerk
  • Each series of pushup is one set
  • Complete 5 sets of pushups
  • Try to increase sets by doing pushup at least 3 times in a week
  • Go up to 20 pushups in each set ,
  • This is end of phase 2



















Phase 3 – attempting real pushup, with help of knees   

  • Here you are not taking support or either knees or any object to reduce effort in lifting yourself in pushups
  • Do 5 sets of 20 pushup each
  • Take rest after each set
  • Come on the knees to do the remaining sets, whenever you feel that you are not able to do for real pushups
  • Complete all 5 set of 20 pushup each
  • Before moving to phase 4 , finish try to do all 5 sets without using knees
  • Do this phase 2 times a week




















Phase 4 – full body pushups

  • Take backpack and fill it with weight equal to 20 percent of your body weight.
  • Stretch your body and take entire weight on toes and hands which are at shoulder length
  • Do the pushup as many as possible within your comfort limit, without taking the back weight
  • Now do pushup without back weight
  • Take rest of at least 3 minutes and then start again to complete 5 sets
  • Do phase 4 twice a week

In the last phase you can do as many pushup as possible without weight, here you can take rest of five minute,

Take adequate rest and diet equal to your efforts to build stamina and strength




















Attempting 100 pushup in single set

  • You will know when you will be able to do the 100 pushup.
  • Take a week rest before attempting first 100 pushups
  • Hydrate your body adequately  before setting pushups
  • From phase 1 to 4 , you just keep slowly and smooth movements of pushup
  • When attempting 100 pushup , increase the speed of pushup , so that you are able to do more pushups
  • If you are not able to cover 100 pushup in first attempt, don’t worry just go back to phase 4 and do it for a month, before coming back to do 100 pushups.