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Know how is Gestational Diabetes treated

how is Gestational Diabetes treated.

By following a healthy lifestyle, most pregnant women are able to keep their blood sugar level within a target range. Those who aren’t able to maintain the blood sugar level are prone to Gestational diabetes. This kind of diabetes develops in pregnant women and usually resolves on its own after giving birth. 10 – 20% of women require insulin during pregnancy. Once the baby is born insulin is no longer needed. In few cases, gestational diabetes transforms into type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. But once you’ve had gestational diabetes, your chances are very high that it will return in future pregnancies.  So it becomes very important that you must be aware about how is Gestational Diabetes treated.

Gestational diabetes needs to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed because it can harm you and your baby’s health. It develops only in pregnant women who didn’t have diabetes before becoming pregnant. Basic lifestyle changes may help prevent diabetes after gestational diabetes. Gestational pregnancy can be reduced by controlling your blood sugar levels.

Risks associated with Gestational diabetes:
– gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
– type 2 diabetes history in genetics
– chances of developing type 2 diabetes in future

Following a good nutritional plan both before and during pregnancy can decrease your chances of developing gestational diabetes.

how gestational diabetes can be controlled

Ways to prevent Gestational diabetes:
– follow healthy diet
– have regular meals
– Keep your body physically active
– Check your blood levels regularly
– Providing adequate nutrition for you and your growing baby

Gestational Diabetes Treatment is necessary because problems and complications are increased when blood glucose levels are not normalized. Home remedies can be followed for the treatment gestational diabetes. Eating healthy diet that consists of regular meals is a great way to maintain this kind of diabetes. Regular exercising will keep your body physically active and contribute to tight glucose control. In addition to this, regular exercising helps to increase fitness and prepares you for the birth of your baby. If continuous check up of blood glucose levels is tested daily after each meal, it helps to determine if your glucose levels are within acceptable limits. Your doctor may suggest some medications, if your blood glucose levels cannot be managed by healthy eating and physical activity alone. This is how gestational diabetes can be controlled.

Gestational diabetes isn’t permanent. Once a baby is born, blood sugar will most likely return to normal quickly unlike other types of diabetes. It is different from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Effective management of gestational diabetes will reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Women, who have been diagnosed with this kind of diabetes, should be tested for diabetes at least after every 2 – 3 years. So, that they don’t get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes later after the pregnancy.

It is advised to see an established Dietitian to work out a meal plan that is appropriate for you and your baby.

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