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Sinusitis is the inflammation of the hallow passages around the nose. These passages are called sinuses and they produce mucus, a flimsy discharge which drains in the nose. It is the blockage of fluid due to swallow nose which causes sinusitis. Then the growth of germs, bacteria viruses etc. complicate the problem. The sinuses on our face are shown the the image below.

home remedies for sinusitis

– cough
– congestion in nose of face
– stiffness of nasal passage
– nasal discharge
– loss of smell
– headache
– dental ache
– fever
– bad breath


1. Washing nasal passage with saline water

home remedies for sinusitis
Use of saline spray and washing nose with saline water has proved to be very effective in the sinusitis treatment. Saline water can be taken with some pot which comes specially for the nose, with long narrow passage for taking water inside nasal cavity.

How it helps – saline water keeps mucus moist and thin which prompts its drainage from nose.

2. Inhaling steam

home remedies for sinusitis
Use water vapour with few drops of menthol or eucalyptus in it. Similarly the hot steamy bath can also help you in sinusitis.
How it helps – both these methods moist the mucus and loose it inside the nose from nose walls, for discharge. Hot steamy bath also loosen up the remaining mucus stuck in the nose.

3. Take fluid throughout the day

home remedies for sinusitis
Drinking water and staying hydrate helps immensely in proper discharge of mucus from nose. Take at least 8 glass of water a day. Stay away from beverages, caffeine or alcoholic drinks.
How it helps – enough water intake encourages mucus to drain from the nose by moistening and thinning it.

4. Take spicy food

home remedies for sinusitis
Add black pepper, green chilli, chilli powder, horseradish in your lunch or dinner. You can also add apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for greater effect.
How it helps – spicy food dissolves the mucus and opens up the nasal passages to clear the blockage of fluid.

5. Turmeric or ginger root

home remedies for sinusitis
Turmeric is easily available in kitchen specially in India and Asia. It has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. By using small quantity in tea preparation, with ginger root, the concoction can loosen the mucus from nasal passages and give relief from sinusitis pressure.
How it helps – turmeric has anti-inflammatory agent cur-cumin, and when used with ginger in tea preparation combined spicy tea dissolves mucus.

6. Keep bedroom clean

home remedies for sinusitis
Allergies can aggravate the sinusitis so keep bedroom dust free. Take special care of bedsheets, pillows use during sleeping. And do not keep pet in the bedroom.
How it helps – cleaning keeps dust particles away to prevent allergic reactions.

7. Keep the room humid by using humidifier

home remedies for sinusitis
Humidifier keeps air moist and moist air helps in keeping blockage of passages away. But ensure that humidifier is clean and is used only in dry months. Maintain the level of humidity at normal levels.

These home remedies have proved effective in treating sinusitis cases. Since sinusitis is primarily due to viral, home remedies can easily cure the problem. However, if problem persists for days, then patient must consult a doctor.

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