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healthy diet for heart

Heart strokes or heart diseases are one of the top killers in both developed and developing countries. To cut the risk of death from heart problems, we have only one way i.e stick to healthy diet and do moderate exercises.

Medical studies have proved time and time again that a healthy diet cuts the heat risk by 80% by lowering blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol and by maintaining healthy weight.

Now, let us see what constitutes the healthy diet for heart:

Pick food creating low cholesterol, food with high fibre values and avoid food with high calories. Some of the food are:

1. Fruits –Take fruits with high fibre, vitamins and other minerals, like apple, pears and musk-melon. Limit quantity of mangoes and bananas as they are high calorie food. Strawberries can be taken on limited quantity.

2. Vegetables – leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrot and lemons must be included in diet for a healthy heart.

3. Dry fruits – some dry fruits like walnuts and almonds contain omega 3 fatty acid and fibres and are perfect for heart diet. They remove formation of plaque in arteries of heart. The fibre in them cleans the digestive tract thus helping metabolism. However, limit the intake of cashew nuts, dates and raisins as they have high calories which is not good for heart.

4. Non vegetarian food – avoid red meat like beef and mutton as they contain high saturated fat, which is not considered good for heart. Chicken and eggs can be taken occasionally.

5. Fish – fish has omega fatty acids which lowers blood pressure and triglyceride. Two or more serving per week can cut heart risks by 30 – 50 percent.

6. High fibre food – whole grain bread, flaxseed and brown seeds lower the cholesterol levels and at same time give nutritions that protect the heart.

7. Flax seeds – they have omega fatty acids and fibre. Any healthy diet should have handful of seeds.

8. Red bean – red bean contains soluble fibre which prevents cholesterol getting into blood by binding them. It also has protein to repair damaged muscles and build strength.

9. Garlic and onion – they make blood thin and make heart function properly. People with heart diseases can also take them daily with diet.

10. Oatmeal and green tea – Other items that should be a part of the healthy diet for heart are oatmeal and green tea which have antioxidants and curb free radicals which boost health of heart.

healthy diet for heart

To avoid heart problems cut the quantity of following items in your diet:

1. Salt – keep amount of salt in diet at lowest level. High quantity of salt increases the blood pressure which leads to heart risk.

2. Processed foods – canned food whether meat or frozen food or soups have high content of salt, thus they should be avoided as far as possible. Take fresh food and green leafy vegetables instead.

3. Sugar – like salt, cut down the intake of sugar also. Most of the processed foods items also have sugar in them. High amount of sugar increases the risk of diabetes which leads to heart diseases.

4. Cut portion of diet you eat – eating without monitoring portion can lead to obesity which puts pressures on heart to work hard to pump blood. This extra effort increases risk of heart diseases.

5. Desserts and pickles – Pickles, sugar desserts, candies and confectionery items must not be taken if you want to keep heart healthy with healthy diet.

By following the above mentioned diet plan and keeping yourself away from harmful food, you can easily keep heart in good health.

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