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Healthy diet supported by healthy lifestyle is prime defence against diabetes. It not only curbs the diabetes, but in some cases can reverse the diabetes and enables a person to live life to its full potential without neglecting taste buds. Healthy diet ensures that a person with diabetes takes balanced diet which in turn ensures that combined benefits cuts the risk of diabetes and boost insulin production in the body. With following tips, a diabetic person can fully enjoy favourite dishes and life.

Before explain the healthy diet for diabetics, it will be instructive to know some facts about the diet for diabetics, so that it becomes easy for a diabetic person to pick up and strict to the healthy diet plan.
– Little sugar is fine, if it is a part of the healthy diet and diabetic person is also doing regular exercises.

 – Taking high protein diet is not good for a diabetic person. It resists the insulin that is produced in body to control  diabetes. So balanced diet is must for a diabetic person.

 – Diet plan must have all below listed items to get the full benefit from them. Eating only one food and neglecting  others  may not give the desired results.

 – Follow the principal of moderation in eating so that you are not vulnerable to diabetes, later, the diabetic food, which   you will be forced to eat may not have special benefits for you.

 – If a person wants to eat some sweet items, it is best advised to eat them along with healthy diet rather than as standalone to keep the blood sugar levels down .

healthy diet for diabetic patients


Following is the list of items which should be in the diet of every diabetic person who wish to keep diabetes at bay:
– brown rice or wild rice
– sweet potatoes, cauliflower mash, winter squash
– whole wheat pasta
– whole wheat or whole grain bread
– high fibre breakfast cereals which has low sugar
– low sugar barn flakes
– peas or leafy greens

The basic idea behind these carbohydrate food items is that they are slow to digest and thus keep blood sugar level in check, which in turn does not affect the production of insulin in body, which is a big factor in diabetes.

All types of fruits are also beneficial in diabetes, such as:

Apples – they are low in calories but high in fibre which fills stomach and cuts the blood sugar spike risk.

Avocado – packed with mono-unsaturated fat, Avocado also slows down the digestion and thus checks the blood sugar level from increasing .

Barley – it reduces the blood sugar level up to 70% because it contains soluble fibre and other compounds which slow down the digestion process .

Beans – all type of Beans (kidney beans, chickpeas , edamame beans) lower the blood sugar, the spike of which affects insulin production in the body .

Berries – they are full of antioxidants & fibre and it is believed that they boost insulin production.

Broccoli – full of antioxidants and chromium, Broccoli also keeps blood sugar in check by helping production of insulin in the body .

Carrots – they are the nature’s richest source of beta-carotene which lowers diabetes and manages blood sugar level.

Non-Veg Food which is considered good for diabetic patients are:

Fish – diabetes can cause heart disease and eating fish once a week cuts the risk of heart disease by 40% . The fatty acid in the fish reduces inflammation in the body, thus cutting the risk of corollary disease and resistance to insulin production.

Chicken or Turkey – always go for skinless meat because skin is full of saturated fat, and breast meat, which is lower in fat than other parts .

Other food source for diabetic patients are:

Nuts – nuts are full of fibre and protein and also have good fat. They are slow digestive food and curbs blood sugar levels.

Seeds – all types of seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame with their fibre, good fat and protein help in lowering blood sugar levels and keeping heart disease at bay.

Olive Oil – this oil reduces inflammation and indirectly boosts insulin production .

Oatmeal – the soluble fibres take longer to digest and release carbs into blood sugar level. They can be one of the item on the diet plan of a diabetic person .

Sweet Potatoes – it is there carotenoids, orange and yellow pigments that help the body to respond to insulin. In addition to this the natural plant compound chlorogenic acid reduces resistance to insulin .


Here is list of items which are strictly prohibited for a diabetic patients, however a normal person who is health conscious can eat them in small quantity.

 – Refined grains products
– white pasta
– white potato
– processed juices (packed juices)
– concentrated sweets like ice-creams, desserts etc.
– hydrogenated fats or trans fats , which are found in fast food items and packed foods.
– Low fat meals which contain hidden sugar .
– Canned soup, which also have hidden sugar contents .

Eating the balanced diet and maintaining a regular regime of exercise and leading active life is the best guarantee, more than any other medicine, to keep diabetes in check for ever. Not only this type of diet plan is beneficial to a diabetic person but it can help a healthy person to keep himself or herself away from diabetes which is increasingly becoming lifestyle disease .

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