The Yacon syrup is obtained from roots of South American plant called Yacon Plant. Traditionally, Incas used Yacon and in Peru, it was famous due to nutritional properties The Yacon extract has some great characteristics that make it fit for use, such as;

–          As 20-calories in one spoon

–          Extremely low sugar content

–          Taste like molasses or raisins

–          Contains 30% to 50% of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), which is a natural sweetener that is excreted from body in un-metabolised form.

Yacon Plant Picture


What is the scientific background of Yacon?

One study conducted by Genta et al on pre-menopausal women; revealed that regular use of Yacon helped to considerably decrease the;

–          Body weight

–          Waist circumference &

–          Body mass index

A non-clinical experimental study by Dr Oz only added Yacon to the diet of a group of women and found that 29 out of 40 women successfully lost weight. No other changes were made to the dietary habits though.


Quick facts and finding of scientific research study

–          14 women lost >5pounds

–          Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds

–          Average decrease in waist circumference was around 1.9 inches

–          The sum of pounds lost among all women was 153 pounds

–          68% of the participants would endorse Yacon to assist in losing weight successfully


The Yacon Diet


The studies from University of Sao Paulo in Brazil; conducted in 2007 found that the consumption of Yacon root (containing high level of fructans) may help improve the absorption and retention of minerals (calcium and magnesium) in body which then increase bone density. The outcomes conclude that Yacon roots; being world’s richest source of FOS, are useful to maintain healthy bones and also prevents from osteoporosis.


How does the Yacon syrup works to show desired results?

The Yacon syrup offers an innovative technique to help you manage the weight. The Yacon can be easily used as a natural sweetener which is healthy for you because it won’t decipher to those extra pounds that you see on scales.

Recent studies prove that Yacon syrup has ability to supress hunger pangs. This lowers the calorie intake and may boost the metabolism, so that calories burn quickly. This ultimately result is initiation of reduction in weight at fast rate.

The Yacon Diet


What is the composition of Yacon syrup?

fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is a natural sweetener and constitutes 30-50% of Yacon syrup. Your body can’t digest it, so it is excreted as it is. Also, the FOS contains fibre and polyphenols  (powerful antioxidant that helps prevent illness and heart diseases).


How should you take Yacon Syrup?

Ideally it has to be taken in empty stomach. This helps to;

–          Maintain a steady level of blood sugar

–          Feed the beneficial bacteria (normal flora) in colon and

–          Provides high quality, soluble fibre for a healthy digestion


What indicates that you qualify to start taking Yacon syrup?

The following indicators will help you out in deciding if you are a true candidate for Yacon syrup;

–          Are You Overweight (Obese)?

–          Lacks Fibre In Diet?

–          Have complain of Constipation?

–          Have Raised Blood Sugar level?


If you fall in any of these categories; how Yacon syrup will help you?

The Yacon syrup is the natural source of probiotic and a famous weight loss diet. It is a low-glycemic sweetener that will help you to;

–          Supress hunger

–          Burn calories faster

–          Lose Weight Naturally

–          Get in Shape at fast pace; for new year

–          Maintain healthy digestion

–          Manage weight


Where you can find the Yacon syrup to buy from?

Yacon syrup stock are very limited is drying up each day, you can purchase it today to avoid disappointment.

The Yacon Diet