Have lessen the meals of the day from three to two eliminating the lunch and converting the breakfast into brunch, have long forgot the last time you have gorged on your favorite delectable piece of sweet, have been tired of sipping the drink mixture of lemon and honey every early morning, staircase instead of elevator has been of no use to you either and sweating it out every day in gym has become way too monotonous but you’re still far away from achieving that desired weight. Sounds a bit familiar? Well, you’re not the only one.

It’s not at all a good idea to lose weight without indulging into any form of exercise. It’s high time that you move ahead of boring and dull confinements of a gym and explore some more fun and exciting ways of weight loss. Read on!

#1 Swimming


If swimming counts in one of the hobbies you have, then weight loss cannot be more fun and exhilarating because you literally have to break no sweat in this exercise. This requiring less efforts activity burns calories in abundance. Besides weight loss, it has countless other health benefits. Carry out the few laps in the pool every day and you will be bound to see the difference in the length of your waistline. 

You will be able to burn 653 calories per hour.

#2 Cycling


Most eco-friendly mode of transportation ever invented, you can leverage numerous other benefits of cycling in addition to weight loss. Cycling is quite a competitive sport which can literally take you places. Set your daily goal that is both challenging and within your capability to achieve. Be ready with a game plan and you are good to go. Cycling will no more appear like a tedious weight loss exercise.

You will be able to burn 508 calories per hour.

#3 Jogging


No heavy weights, no massive equipment and no dingy room! All you need to possess is a good pair of running shoes and willingness to move yourself at a required pace. Jogging a few kilometers every day helps shed the unwanted belly fat, enhances your metabolic rate and elevates your fitness levels and physical endurance. However, make your progress slowly and never try to increase your speed and distance simultaneously.

You will be able to burn 435 calories per hour.

#4 Sex


This one’s no brainer as numerous studies have put forward the amazing health benefits of having regular sex. Apart from producing happy hormones, sex is the best form of exercise you can perform. Sex is the basic need necessary for the survival of human beings shown even in the Maslow’s Model of Hierarchy of Needs. This love-making exercise between the sheets certainly help get purge of several calories.

You will be able to burn 292 calories per hour.

#5 Dancing


Shake your booty and tone your body. What more can one ask for! It is a super fun exercise without making you feel like you’re exercising. Dancing literally keeps you on your toes and you will never strike with boredom as moving on the exciting rhythm of music leaves no room for monotony. With discrete forms of dancing forms to choose from, it is sure to raise your heartbeat and reduce the weight.

You will be able to burn 254 calories per hour!

#6 Walking


If jogging turns out to be a bit intense for you or the problem of joint pain refuses to walk away from you, then walking is your resort. Researchers have found that walking can serve as the better exercise than jogging for weight loss. It can help you socialize around as well. Get your friends to join you and you will not take it as a forceful weight loss regime. However, you need to keep a steady pace to achieve desired weight loss.

You will be able to burn 167 calories per hour.

Time to try some amusing activities and simultaneously shedding some kilos!

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