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Food diary to avoid Acid Reflux

The following sample nutrition guide will serve as an initiative to effectively plan the meals.

Food that may harm

Although it is debatable that actually which food has potential to cause GERD; however, experts advise to avoid the following food types;

Food with high fat content

Fried food can delay the stomach emptying, which puts you at a higher risk for getting reflux symptoms. A few examples of high fat content food that must be avoided or eaten moderately include:

–       Snacks or fried food

–       full-fat dairy products

–       high-fat desserts

–       Creamy sauces or salad dressings


Caution for Citrus Fruit

The National Institute of Health identified that tomato or its products and citrus fruit (orange, lime or pineapple) can potentially worsen the symptoms of GERD.

Garlic or Onion

Mayo Clinic enlists garlic & onions among the food that typically triggers heartburn. It is also stated by one other source that garlic may cause stomach upset and bloating.

Food to Help

There are no proven guidelines but some research studies suggest that certain foods can help to ease the painful symptoms of GERD.

Yoghurt and good bacteria

Preliminary studies revealed that good bacteria or pro-biotic help treating digestive problems like;

–       Diarrhea

–       Irritable bowel syndrome, and

–       Several intestinal infections

Fiber diet

Research proves that fiber can help protecting against a number of digestive problems, including GERD. Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, but increased fiber intake can help you to avoid the symptoms.

Consult your healthcare provider or doctor to plan a diet or nutrition chart that would best work for you.

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