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A large number of people, who work in their office face health problems quite often and they find it difficult to work with their full capabilities because of health problems. If you also work in office and have some health related problems, you can do following exercises to keep yourself fit and fine:

1. Tapping your feet

desk exercises

You can do this exercise in your office without getting up. Just place your feet on the floor and initiate tapping them rapidly as if you are running. You may start it slowly and increase your speed after sometime. This little exercise will increase your heart rate after some point of time. You might also feel that blood circulating better in your leg muscles.

However, this exercise makes some noise. You should do it on a carpeted floor and make it sure that your and co-workers sitting next to you should not be disturbed because of it.

2. The Praying Position

desk exercises
This exercise is one of the best exercises at your desk. You can do this exercise during that long and boring office meeting you have to sit through. Just Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, and bring the palms of your hands together in front of your chest just like you are praying for something and push your hands together as hard as you can. You start to feel that the muscles in your arms are working and you feel good a lot.

3. Shoulder Stretching

desk exercises
Shoulder Stretching is also an important desk exercises that is popular among people working in office. Most of the people working in office have to work in front of the computer. So, are you hunched in front of your computer all day? Don’t get worried, just raise your shoulders upwards as if you’re shrugging and hold them there for some seconds. Now release and repeat it at least 15 times. You will feel some change once you complete the exercise.

4. Elbow To Knee

desk exercises
Elbow to Knee is counted among one of the finest office workouts. Sit up straight in your chair and place your hands on the sides of your head and start twisting your body to the right, lifting your right leg and bringing your left elbow towards your knee. Do this may times and you start feeling fresh.

5. The Wall Sit

desk exercises
The Wall Sit is one of the prominent workouts to do at work. Sit on a wall which let you have the feeling that you are sitting on a chair while leaning your back on the wall. You should place your feet away from the wall. It gives you great soothe and you feel afresh.

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