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Dynamic Diet for Diabetics

Diabetes cause high blood glucose (Sugar) levels in the body. It is due to either a defect in insulin production or its function. It is alternatively known as diabetes mellitus.

The sign and symptom of diabetes arise when insulin deficiency or resistance occurs. The common symptoms are;

–       Increased hunger & thirst

–       Unintended weight loss

–       Fatigue

–       Frequent infections

Long term complications include;

–        Renal failure

–       Damage to nerves

–       Retinopathy and even blindness.


All four are characterized by problem of insulin that results in high blood sugar (glucose) levels in body.

–       Type I

–       Type II

–       Gestational

–       Pre-diabetes


Supportive treatment

–       Eat healthy

–       Increase physical activity

–       Maintain healthy weight

Healthy diet can keep diabetes under control.

–       Count calories

On the basis of ideal body weight is.

–       Lookout carbohydrate intake (shares direct relation with sugar level)

–       Avoid foods containing excessive saturated fat (for example meat, dairy products, snack or processed food)

Prefer foods enriched with nutrients. Avoid refined food, canned food, and white sugar; because they spike blood sugar level quickly.

While planning a dynamic diet for diabetic, select complex carbohydrate containing fruits, vegetable and whole grains. Also add lean protein and healthy fats to help the patient lose weight while maintaining ideal blood sugar level.

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