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Diet regime for the day, Count the calories to stay fit

Today is Friday. And Friday is a wonderful day for starting a diet for slowly reducing of the body weight. In these articles we’ll show you how to let the calories go down without feeling any hunger. Instead, we’ll burn them quicker as you think. Let’s not delay any more! Our first go is to take down 3 kg for the next week. We will focus our attention to our daily menu.                 So, here is a sample menu for today.                 08:30 The cinnamon Starting your day with a mixture of cinnamon and honey ensures a fast burning of the calories and improvement of metabolism. This is not breakfast! So take a look at our previous article where we discussed the advantages of the cinnamon for your organism. 09:00 Breakfast The breakfast is one of the most important dishes, if not the MOST important during the day. Our sample breakfast contains: –          3 boiled eggs –          1 tomato –          1 cut cucumber The boiled eggs give enough energy of the body which you deserve for starting your day positively.   12:00 Lunch During the first days we should reduce the calories very quickly if we want to achieve a result. So, we offer the following lunch: –          1 baked chicken leg –           1 portion of green salad –          Fresh juice   15:00 Afternoon breakfast During this time of the day you can have a yoghurt covered with cinnamon which will charge your body with energy.   18:00 Dinner. MAIN RULE: Don’t eat after this hour! If you want to gain success with your diet you should save it strictly. That’s why you should forget about eating after 18:00 o’clock. After this time of the day we allow you to go to the fitness gym (well, about 19:30) and have a large cup of grapefruit fresh (ONLY) after that. Today our dinner will also be low-calorized. Forget about the carbohydrates’ foods like potatoes (for example). Today our menu contains a salad with cabbage and carrots. That’s it! Friday is a working day but you don’t have to miss any of the daily dishes! Diet doesn’t mean ‘Be hunger!’. It means to create a menu which will reduce your fats and improve the work of your metabolism. Let’s calculate the total amount of calories for today. –          Before breakfast – 80 cal –          Breakfast – 202 cal (eggs – 180, tomato – 16, cucumber – 8) –          Lunch – about 300 cal (chicken leg – 264, salad – 33) –          Afternoon breakfast – 71-75 cal (yoghurt 66-70, cinnamon-6) –          Dinner – 70 cal –          TOTAL: 727 We think that these 727 daily calories are great average level. If you’re a girl they will perfectly fit you. The maximum level of calories you should take during the first 10 days of the diet is 1000.

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