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Cure 5 Health Problems with Bitter Gourd

No matter how bitter the bitter gourd is in taste, its myriad of health benefits outdoes even the smack. And it’s not just the taste, but bitter gourd has weird appearance as well. They are light or dark green in color depending upon the region where they are grown. Bitter Gourd is a fruit that has originated in India and commonly known as Karela. Belonging to the cucumber family, the bitter gourd gets most of its sharpness from incredibly healthy compounds called cucurbitacins.

Enriched with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, bitter gourd is worthy of eating, courtesy to its health benefits. Following mentioned are the ailments in which bitter gourd acts as a panacea. It’s time you acquaint yourself with bitter gourd health benefits.

#1 – Respiratory Disorders


Bitter Melons are exceptionally excellent in curing respiratory problems, namely, cold, cough, asthma and similar other ailments. It is advisable to make the paste of its leaves and mix with the paste of Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves. Consume this mixture with honey in the morning. It serves as a good remedy.

#2 – Diabetes


Several studies conducted have shown that bitter melon alleviates blood sugar through elevated metabolism of glucose. Drink daily one cup of bitter gourd juice to leverage on its benefits. However, you must consult your physician. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and adjust medications as instructed by your doctor.

#3 – Kidney Stones


Succumbing to Kidney stones, indubitably, is an immensely painful medical condition. Bitter gourds are helpful in getting them out of your body by breaking them naturally. The fresh pods reduce high acid responsible for producing painful kidney stones. Soak bitter melon powder in water to make tea. This healthful tea has a nutty flavor and does not require any sweetening.

#4 – Cholesterol


Bitter Gourd decreases dangerous cholesterol levels leading to less chances of sustaining heart ailments like heart attack and stroke. The additional benefit which it offers is that it does not expose your body to any health risks owing to its natural working. The only way to diagnose high cholesterol is a blood test.

#5 – Pancreatic Cancer


One of the most surprising health benefits of bitter gourd is that it possesses anti-cancer properties. Bitter gourd disrupts the production of glucose, resulting in inhibition in the growth of pancreatic cancer cells. Try bitter melon juice to reap the full health benefits of this unusual melon. Bitter melon is also able to starve other cancerous cells in the liver, breast, colon, or prostate.  

Next time you go to shop vegetables, do not forget to buy this incredible fruit!

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