Tonsil Stones

5 Worst Habits Causing Tonsils Stones

What causes Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil Stone is a troublesome predicament which many people fall victim to. Some of the main causes behind to have developed the tonsilloliths are recurring throat infections, persistent problems with post-nasal drip and the accumulation of dead cells of bacteria by the tonsils.

Recurring throat infections 

throat infection

It is certainly the fundamental and biggest cause of tonsil stones. In other words, these repetitive infections of throat form the base for the tonsils to further effectively produce the irksome calcified heaps. Throat infection, also known as Strep infection, makes the tonsils swell and sprawl. The sprawling consequently creates many folds. With tonsils having several crypts or pockets, it becomes tremendously convenient for things to get stuck in.

Persistent problems with post-nasal drip

post nasal drip

This is another potential cause of tonsilloliths. Dripping down the back of your throat is caused when you are sick or have allergies. This is essentially a whatever you-can-eat buffet for the said tonsils as there is so much bacteria being gulped that the tonsils are avidly snatching up all of it that they can, shaping the tonsil stones all the while. Despite the fact that your body implies well in doing this, it can wind up bringing about reoccurring issues with tonsil stones.

 Accumulation of Dead Bacteria Cells 

bacteria cells

The last but not the least main cause of formation of tonsil stone is tonsils themselves. Tonsils attract and aggregate the dead bacteria cells. This can happen anytime – whether you are eating, ill or suffering from allergies. While the tonsils are, in fact, intended to do this to keep ailments and diseases at bay in your body, this specific issue can turn out to be extremely annoying to manage.

Poor Lifestyle 

poor lifestyle

Another main cause of tonsil stones is the lifestyle you adopt and the food you eat. Junk food contributes to the development of tonsils. When you eat, the particles of food are left behind in the area of the throat, the teeth and the mouth. Subsequently, the residue food particles decay with time and render proteins on which bacteria feed themselves. This results in the formation of tonsil stones.

Bad Oral Hygiene

oral hygine

Bad Oral Hygiene is a significant cause of development of Tonsilloliths. If you want your tonsils to stay healthy, it is mandatory that you maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent food and debris from staying in your mouth for longer duration. Needless to say, you need to brush your teeth regularly as well as should use right mouthwash after every meal and before retiring to bed.

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