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Boost metabolism with these foods

Boost metabolism with these foods

Metabolism is simply a process that involves breakdown of food in body to produce energy. Although metabolism is somewhat ruled by genetics; however an appropriate diet can potentially rev it up.  The following content will reveal secret foods that increase fat-burning power of the body.

Egg whites

The branched-chain amino acids and Vit-D in eggs keep the metabolism fueled.

Lean meat

A rich source of Iron, that potentially boost metabolism. Lentils are also a good source of Iron, it can provide up to 35% of Iron.  Around 20% women are iron deficient and should take care of it to prevent any ill situation.


Even mild dehydration can slow down the metabolism. Drinking cold water cold will force the body to burn calories to warm-up.


These are good source of citric acid and contain a chemical called capsaicin, which can spike metabolism.


Studies suggest that increased calcium consumption helps in metabolism of fat more efficiently. Consider including good proportion of food that are high in calcium content. For example milk, bananas, spinach, soybean and raisins.

Whole grains

These are hard to digest and therefore help body to burn more fat. Conversely, processed grains take less time and require relatively less effort. Also, these provide a rich source of fiber.

Metabolism slows down with aging; therefore it is essential to plan a diet that helps you beat the challenge.

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