These days protein powder is also being used increasingly by women to achieve lean and great body. The use of protein by ladies is done to reduce body fat and shed weight. The loss of weight by use of protein powder is more than eating calorie less diet. Here is some of the best protein powder for women.



















Users’ ratings –5/5

Made with premium protein blend for women this product gives the body best low calories protein choice for toned body. The product takes ultra pure whey protein isolates and brings down the calories intake to 96 in every serving.

Special features

  • 96 calories in every serving
  • Without fat, sugar or carbs
  • Great taste
  • Adequate amount of vitamin D, calcium and folic acid
  • Easy to digest
  • Ladies with allergies to milk can also take this

Used for

  • Lean muscles
  • Healthy and strong bones, skin, hair and nails


Chocolate flavor

French vanilla

Total serving -30 serving

























Users’ ratings –4.5/5

Ideal shape ideal shake is for those women who like to keep weight in check. This product reduces the intake of calories and keeps body away from large calories. It is combination of hunger blockers, starches and fiber to reduce the intake of fat.

Special features

  • Every serving contains 11 gram of high quality protein and 1 gram of sugar.
  • It also contains fiber and 21 vitamin and minerals.
  • Combination of fast and slow releasing protein keeps hunger pangs at bay for longer time
  • Contains healthy fatty acids that promote breakdown of fat

Used for

  • It is used to decrease your need for food for at least 3 hours
  • It comes with slendesta an all natural potato protein extract without any side effect.
  • Helps you to achieve slim waist line and fit and lean body
  • Total serving – 30



























Users’ ratings –5/5

 Made especially for women who is interested in maintaining her body , this is the most complete protein shake which takes care of all nutrition needs for lean and fit body. It is high protein, low calorie drink

Special features

  • Used as meal replacement or healthy snack that gives full feeling for longer hours.
  • Reduces the storage fat in body
  • Contain enough vitamin and minerals to maintain optimal health and keep energy level high
  • Users with allergies towards milk can also take this drink
  • 16 gram of high quality protein in 90 calorie shakes
  • Kicks you metabolism for fat burning


  • Chocolate delight
  • Banana cream


  • Fiber and whey protein isolate
  • Each serving has optimal level of protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • Unique blend of fruits and vegetables
  • Fat burning fruit bioflavonoid
  • Solathin, weight loss newest innovation

How to use

  • Take with milk or almond drink or blend with ice cream

Total serving –30























Users’ ratings –4.8/5

This is ISO-100 product. It is manufactured with hydrolyzed 100 % whey protein isolate. Primary aim of this product is to increase the absorption of protein in the body. It is zero fat or sugar, cholesterol free drink.  ISO-100 also features soybean oil to both enhance absorption and supply key medium-chain triglycerides for energy and endurance.


Special features

  • 25 gram of protein and 5.5 gram of BCAAs per serving
  • It is lactose free
  • Its formula takes protein straight to the muscles
  • Repairs and builds muscles faster
  • Helps you to achieve fitness goals faster
  • Delays onset of muscle fatigue


  • 6 flavors



















Users’ ratings –4.8 /5

One of the top selling protein powders, gold standard 100 % whey provides the strong, but feminine body you desire. It uses whey protein as primary ingredient with ultra filtered whey protein concentrate.

Each serving – 24 gram of protein powder

Special features

  • Whey protein is the main ingredient
  • Promotes muscle growth at same time reduces fat storage
  • It provides 5 gram of BCAAs as well as 4 gram of glutamine and glutamic acid for each serving
  • Easy to mix with water

Sizes – 1 lbs, 2 lbs, 5 lbs and 10 lbs


  • multi flavors































Users’ ratings –4.8 /5

Muscle milk light has been created for giving physique to women they desire and deserve. It contains 25 gram of protein at 210 calories for each serving. This protein powder can be used for slimming after or before workout.


  • It contains 20 important vitamin and minerals for building muscle tissues.
  • Calcium sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate.

Special features

  • Pure form of protein is used for this drink
  • Very tasty
  • Few carbohydrates
  • Milk protein are directled to muscles to support endurance , repair and growth
  • Whey isolate is complete protein with high concnetration of leucine, which provides anabolic fuel for massive gains
  • It is slow releasing protein that provides a steady stream of amino acids for up to 7 hours .
  • It contains glutamine to prevent infection avoid catabolism, and encourage muscle growth


  • 1.65 lbs


  • delicious flavors with lot of options


  • Weight loss and slim body
  • Burn storage fat while at the same time keeps body against fatigue and catabolism.



























Users’ ratings – NA

This product is specially designed for women to allow her to take the daily requirement of protein. This gives all macronutrients to build lean body muscle, and reduce the hunger cravings. Its combination of vitamin, minerals, amino acid provide platform to body for optimal   functions.


  • Whey protein isolates, one of the highest quality protein.
  • 90 % protein by weight
  • Les fat and lactose
  • Maltodextrin is a digestion resistant starch that forms a gel in the stomach, sending a signal to your brain that you are full.
  • Medium chain triglycerides which is healthy fatty acid source and prevents the breakdown of muscle while supporting reduction of fat.
  • Leucine for enhancing muscular recovery and promoting faster and more efficient protein synthesis
  • Glutamine which is amino acid for optimal recovery.


  • For recovery after intense exercise,
  • For muscular performance
  • It contains maltodextrin which reduces hunger , control blood sugar
  • Medium chain triglycerides for protecting muscle against breakdown and reduction of storage fat.


  • chocolate
  • Vanilla cupcake

























Users’ ratings –NA


Designed for women this product boosts the protein in a tasty formula. With the use of this drink woman can aspire to achieve the remarkable physique. This is low in carbs and slow delivery protein which in unique matrix helps body to shed extra for while at the same time building and maintaining muscle. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to increase your muscle build, improve stamina and enhance overall power.


  • Micellar casein, which is milk protein and takes time to digest in the body. This ensures that you feel full for long period of time
  • Whey protein isolate —this contains 90 % of the protein by weight and is considered one of the best proteins
  • Creatine monohydrate— the purest form of creatine,
  • Creatine phosphate in your body for storing of energy
  • Taurine , this is for muscles which are close to bones , this helps them to function properly
  • Sunflower oil — very low in saturated fat which gives essential fatty acid to body for breaking down fat and building up muscle
  • Sodium caseinate —

Serving –20


chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, lemon, and sin-o bun


  • Only for ladies above 18 years of age
  • Not for pregnant or nursing women
  • Consult your doctor for any issue before using this product.




Lean Dessert



















Lean Dessert Protein by BSN is an anabolic, sustained release muscle building protein low in calories, high in amino acids, and rich in flavor.


  • Whey protein – whey is mixture of globular protein isolated from a specific fraction of milk
  • Casein – part of family of cow milk. It provides a slow release of amino acid into the blood stream
  • Soy protein –plant based protein for strength, muscle mass and recovery
  • Glutamine peptides – most common amino acid, which helps to minimize breakdown of muscles and improve protein metabolism
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides – MCTs are a unique form of healthy dietary fat that improve heart health, provide anti-aging properties, and encourage fat loss.



  • Not for infants
  • Nursing ladies
  • Pregnant women
  • Consult doctor if you have any issue


banana, chocolate, vanilla,