Appeal the sun with Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a complex system of yoga postures (Aasanas) that make a complete massage to your body, as well as a full cleaning and stimulating of each part of your body. The fabulous combination of words could be translated as ‘a salutation to the sun’ – the main perpetrator for Earth’s life. By practicing all these easy exercises every day you learn on discipline and keep fit at the same time. Let’s now consider the benefits of Surya Namaskar:


The main advantage of this complex is that a full training takes only 10 minutes!

Yes, this is absolutely true! Those of you who live in the cities and have an extremely busy schedule will be very appreciating by this fact. The incredible power of Surya Namaskar gives your body a full working out process for the short time of just 10 minutes! It charges your body with power; makes it flexible and brings a tonic effect for the entire day.

It stretches your spinal column and feet backwards

The specific exercises of Surya Namaskar touch strongly each part of your body, especially your back and feet.

  •  With Surya Namaskar you achieve a great balance of the both physical and mental energies. According to the experts from the East this balance is the main source of the ultimate health for the body and soul.
  • This is one of the practices which the specialists recommend to the irascible people. Doing Surya Namaskar’s exercises you will relax your nerves achieving absolute calmness. To get better results you may make more rounds with faster tempo.
  • Reduces the weight

Surya Namaskar contains 12 postures with different rate of difficulty which help your body reduce its entire weight for a short time.  By speeding up the metabolism this art prevents the digestive system from undesired damages. It increases the blood flow naturally which cause a positive effect of the digestion.

Cleans the Chakras

Meditation Effects

Surya Namaskar is one of the fastest ways for cleaning the Chakras and give freedom for your energy centers

Surya Namaskar is appropriate for kids, too

warrior pose 1 hwj

Not on the last place, this wonderful yoga art is appropriate for kids, too. It could be good and healthy if teachers include it in children’s PE hour and do it daily. This way they will improve their discipline with easy exercises and at the same time develop their bodies and prepare them for more complicated sports.

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