6 amazing dance workouts

Many of us don’t have enough motivation for working out. We all find excuses and delay the training because of a lack of time or additional work. But if it comes about going to a discotheque the things suddenly change and wow! – now we have lots of free time. Thousands of people have discovered the right solution for losing weights by combing the sport with… dancing! Nowadays you’ll find many clubs that offer different kind of dances. Unlike the usual gyms, by dancing you not only burn fats but also enjoy yourself and make new friendships.

Before taking the rucksack and go out of the home, let’s decide which dancing sport to choose. The growing popularity of untraditional fitness methods increased the desire of people to search for something different which will fulfill their spare time with useful workouts. Here we offer on your attention 6 amazing dance workouts:

Belly dancing workout: Based on torso articulation, the belly dance brings a large portion of good spirit while burning fats. Most often met as Oriental dance it concentrates into the circulating of the area of the stomach and back imperceptibly making the entire body to move. Depending on the country or region, Belly dance takes hundreds of forms. But if you think that Belly dancing is all about jiggling and spinning your body, then you’re totally wrong. You could reach the sexy appearance by doing these 10 minutes every day.

Belly Dancing Workout

Latin dance workout: There is no other sexiest place than a full dance with hot babies that move their bodies under exotic Latin music. You suddenly start feeling the amazing spirit of Samba or Rumba that surrounds you and just makes you sink in the crowd. The challenges come when you hear the sounds of Cha-cha or Paso Doble. Learning each of these dances is an entire art and requires a lot of ours in the hall. The regularly practicing of Latin dancing will show you many health benefits including the sculpturing of your body-shape. It also reduces the stress, removes the negative energy and attracts the positive one. Like every physical activity, the Latin dances regulate the blood flow, too and make you feel tired but satisfied by you.

latin dance workout

Zumba dance workout: For few years only Zumba has grown in popularity and became famous as one of the most effective fitness methods. Nowadays it’s being practicing by more than 12, 000, 000 people in more than 125 countries all over the world. By ‘Joining the party’ as Zumba’s marketers shout you may become one of the thousands that shape their bodies and have a lot of fun at the same time. According to a recent survey done, at a regular and well-constructed Zumba class you could burn between 700 and 1200 calories!

zumba dance

Actually the origins of the word ‘zumba’ are hidden in the Columbian ‘zumbear’ that means ‘move fast, have fun’. In the middle of the 90s’ the founder of this fantastic fitness party Beto Perez has decided to combine the secrets of aerobics and Latin dances without including the traditional aerobic music. Instead, he has used a mix of tapes that he had in his rucksack. Zumba achieved those great results because it lets the music lead you; you do aerobic in the pace of great hits instead of the usual and sometimes boring counting.

And if you still think that Zumba is just posing in front of the mirror then try it before speak it!

Hip hop dance workout: For those who love the hip hop music, hip hop dancing is another effective way for burning calories. The rhythm of this exotic style takes on the entire body and puts each muscle into action. The movements help the regulation of blood flow, as well as the improvement of the metabolism.

Hip hop dance workout

Pole dancing workout: Another fun and physically demanding workout is the pole dancing. Its popularity is hidden in its great ability to make you look as sexier and sexier. If you think that pole dancing is easy then, think again. You need lots of strength to take control over the pole; it needs prolonged crick, as well as the regularly doing of warming up exercises. Pole dancing is an incredible way to improve your heart and brain work while having fun. To feel even sexier you can use high toes on your shoes and feel like one of those exotic dancers that can make every man to wish them.

Pole dancing workout

Aerobic dance workout: Aerobic dancing still leaves one of the most popular ways for burning fats. If you don’t have enough time for going to classes, you could easily practice at home. What you need is a little room and few books with hard covers to build a step. Of course, the aerobics could be proud with a huge variety of exercises which allows you to shape your body even on your carpet. The most of the exercises concentrate to a single part of your body for example shoulders, stomach area, legs, etc. The benefits of all of them include the fast weight-loss, the improvement of your metabolism and heart work, good cardio rates, as well as charging the body with positive energy and shine spirit.

Aerobic dance workout

As you can convince by yourself, nowadays there are thousands of ways which could improve your personal appearance. You could combine the pleasant with the useful and you could effectively burn calories while having a lot of fun and meeting new friends. A secret benefit of all types of dances is that if you discover your talent, you may even become a star! So, please, don’t lose your time in staying at home in this beautiful weather outside! Even if it’s dark or raining, in the dance-hall is hot and shining! Go, go, go!

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