Kidney Stones

Afraid to Go under Knife for Treating Kidney Stones?

Kidneys, one of the vital organs of our body, filter out waste from our body in the form of urine balancing the body fluids. Though, this smooth functioning of the bean-shaped organs is sometimes hindered by the small masses of salts and minerals which get accumulated in them. Kidney stones, known as renal calculus, are the small pebbles mostly made up of insoluble calcium compounds. The origin of these stones is Kidneys but they can be found anywhere along the urinary tract which involves ureters, urethra and bladder leading to the blockage or difficulty in passing urine. The size of the kidney stone varies depending on the severity of condition.

Signs and Symptoms:

Kidney stones may not necessarily show you symptoms until they move inside your kidney or travel down to ureter.
Look for the following symptoms when it does happen:

1. Blood in the urine, that is, red, pink or brown urine
2. Severe pain while urinating
3. Persistent need to urinate
4. Emanation of filthy and stinky smell
5. Pain spreading to the lower abdomen and groin
6. Feeling of nausea or puking out
7. Existence of fever and chills
8. Pain coming in waves and fluctuating intensely
9. Ache in the lower back of your body

Causes behind kidney stones:

It has been said that consumption of certain foods forms the kidney stones but scientists seem to be dissonant on the same. Individuals who take less fluid, apparently, are more vulnerable to the kidney stones.
Other causes include:

1. Family history of kidney stones
2. Urine comprising large amounts of calcium
3. Parathyroid glands releasing too much hormone
4. Kidneys unable to excrete acids into the urine
5. Urine constituting high levels of amino acids
6. Chronic inflammation of the bowel
7. History of gastrointestinal tract surgery

Dangers of having kidney stones:

Every problem has its own repercussions so has the kidney stones. Following are the perils you succumb to when affected with kidney stones:

1. Damage of kidney – If the kidney stones block the flow of urine out of both kidneys, there are high chances of the damage of kidneys. Kidney stones do not cause serious havoc until they completely block the urinary tract for two weeks or longer.

Kidney Damage

2. Urinary tract infection – Kidney stones elevate the risk of urinary tract infection or worsen the prevailing infection.

Urinary Tract Infection

3. Single kidney – Kidney stones are more destructive for the people surviving on single kidney or have an impaired immune system or sustained a kidney transplant.

Kidney Transplant

How to get rid of Kidney stones?

Stones which are small in size pass through urine at their own. However, large kidney stones which are unable to get excreted while urinating are subjected to move to ureter causing serious perils to your life. It is that life threatening disease which is potential of taking away your life just with a blink of an eye before you even realizing it. The faster medication is mandatory to save yourself from this deadly disease. There is no way left to get purge of kidney stones other than going under knife or there exists herbal medication which can come to your rescue.
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