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A Miraculous Plant You Must Have In Your House

Aloe Vera is a cure-all for discrete ailments as well as to enhance beauty. It is the panacea which has both the internal and external applications. Its numerous attributes make it stand apart from rest of the herbs, plants and trees. Its thorny leaves are filled with a sticky translucent gel which constitutes incredible healing properties. Somewhat resembling to green cactus, the aloe vera plant which is sitting in your balcony or verandah is just not restricted to being a mere plant, it has made its presence felt everywhere from beauty products to diet supplements and health juices. Owing to the umpteen benefits offered by aloe vera plant, allow us to tell you how to leverage its components by making aloe vera juice and gel.

How to make aloe vera gel?

Requirements: Aloe Vera Leaves, Sharp Knife, Air-tight Container, Blender and Bowl.


1. Wash your hands first to ensure that the gel doesn’t get contaminated.

2. Slice off an outer leaf or two of an aloe plant as the outer leaves are likely to be more mature.

3. Drain the resin by placing the leaves upright so that the dark yellow resin drains out.

4. Using a sharp knife, now peel away the green part of the leaves.

5. Scoop the gel out with the help of a knife or a spoon or both in a clean bowl.

6. Place the gel extracted in a blender and blend well.

7. Store the gel in a sterilized air-tight container.

8. Your aloe vera gel is ready to use.

How to make aloe vera juice?

Requirements: Aloe Vera Leaves, Sharp Knife, Blender, Bowl, Juice or Water of your choice and Sweetener.


1. Extract the gel out of the aloe leaves as per the directions given above.

2. In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of aloe gel and plain water, coconut water, orange juice or lemon juice (as per your choice).

3. Blend both of them well.

4. Add your desired sweetener; be it honey or sugar.

5. Your refreshing aloe vera juice is ready to relish.

You’ve got enough reasons to nourish and take care of your precious aloe vera plant in your backyard.

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