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8 Explicit Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Oils have been an integral part of our daily regime since ages. From cooking to oiling hair, from making skin supple to healing chapped dry lips and from medicinal uses to possessing healing properties, oils have got all of them covered. Oils have found a mandatory place in the shelves of our kitchen and bathroom. Eucalyptus is one such oil with multifarious benefits. The oil, apart from its external uses, is highly beneficial for a hale and hearty you.

Let us get you acquainted with the powerful medicinal properties possessed by the Eucalyptus Oil:

#1 – Relief in Respiratory Problems

respiratory problem

Respiratory System performs the vital function of inhaling oxygen in and exhaling carbon dioxide out. Needless to say that it is the lifeline. However, often some issues are encountered by this lifeline because of inflammation. The usage of eucalyptus oil helps in relieving from these respiratory diseases. It speeds up the process of mucociliary transport (MCT) giving aid to patients.

#2 – Enhances Immune System

immune system

The plant of Eucalyptus has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are intrinsically present in its oil as well. Thus, the studies conducted have shown that the oil has been immensely beneficial in stimulating the immune system of the body. It is also seen to fight with infectious ailments as well as effective to boost immune system of the patients undergoing treatment of chemotherapy.

#3 – Aids Mental Fatigue

mental fatigue

Courtesy to the fast-paced and anxious lifestyle, our brain often becomes lethargic and exhausted. Appling eucalyptus oil on the skin revives and reinvigorates the sluggish mind. Either used in a diffuser or applied eucalyptus, it lessens the strain in brain. The oil is so much potent that it cures various mental disorders as well. As it elevates the blood flow, the distress alleviates.

#4 – Good for Dental Health

dental health

The gift of natural teeth is endowed only twice, there’s no third time which makes it of utmost importance to take care of your dental health. There are numerous dental problems such as dental plaque, cavities and other infections which mouth succumbs to. By applying eucalyptus oil to the affected area few times a day, you will be able to ditch those annoying appointments with dentist.

#5 – Heals Wounds and Cuts


As aforementioned, the oil owns antiseptic constituents which makes it highly beneficial in healing wounds. The oil is known to cure the lesion faster as well as reduces the chances of further septic contingency. The studies have concluded that the bacteria present in wound are ameliorated as well.

#6 – Anthelmintic for Intestinal Germs


The research has been conducted to study the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of essential oils including eucalyptus. The results stated that the eucalyptus oil has shown the effects against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The findings also suggested that the cause of infection in both the diseases can be eliminated using the eucalyptus oil. The oil is found to deter the parasitic and bacterial conditions in intestines and colon.

#7 – Beneficial in Diabetes


People suffering from diabetes as often as not have decreased blood circulation and flow. If you are also a diabetic patient, then you can inhale the eucalyptus oil or massage onto the skin to augment the blood circulation. You can also ingest the oil to control sugar levels in the body instinctively. However, you need to pay attention as the ingestion can prove deadly.

#8 – Keeps Lice and Insects at Bay


The eucalyptus oil is known for its natural pesticide and repellent property which helps in fending away the lice and insects. The oil has been used since ages to get purge of lousy lice. Just massage your scalp post pouring few drops of oil in it and seal it with a shower cap. As an alternative, you can also make a mixture of 8% oil and remaining water for an efficacious solution. It is advisable to use the oil over harsh chemicals to prevent hair damage.

Now that you know the advantages of eucalyptus oil, it would be a sin if you won’t leverage its benefits.


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