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8 Amazing Unknown Health benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is the one essential oil you need to stack in your cabinet to make your already cluttered life a bit untangled and save yourself from most of the predicaments pertaining to skin, hair and overall internal immune system of the body. Castor oil is extricated from the seeds of the castor plant. The oil possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It’s been known for its therapeutic and medicinal uses since ages.

Let’s explore its benefits in more details:

#1 – Soft and Supple Skin

soft skin

Over the time, skin loses its natural shine and being robbed off its natural oils. Castor oil helps restore the skin by making it soft and supple. It rehydrates the dry and flaky skin. Courtesy to its natural disinfecting properties, experts recommend you to wash your face with the castor oil to wash out impurities from the skin leaving it moisturized.

Apply castor oil over your face and massage it for about 2 minutes. Soak a washcloth in hot water and place it on your face for thirty seconds. Wipe away the excess oil. You will be left with moisturized fresh and clean face.

#2 – Heals Joint Pain 

joint pain

Keep aside all the pain relievers and reach out for the bottle of castor oil next time your muscles ache or your joints make you wince or both. It relieves pain for it constitutes anti-inflammatory properties.

Rub castor oil over affected area and cover it with an old cloth. Afterwards, place a heating pad over it for around an hour. You can also leave the wrappings overnight for optimum results.

#3 – Healthy Hair 

healthy hair

Long hair has been your undying wish since like childhood but you are struggling hard to maintain the length of your tresses even to the shoulders. Without any second thought, grab the bottle of castor oil. Castor oil facilitates hair growth.

Apply castor oil all over your scalp once every week and let it sit there for more than hour. You can also leave it overnight to yield optimum benefits. However, don’t forget to take a very small amount because removing it out of the locks can turn out to be an arduous task.

#4 – Enhances Immune System 

immune system

The wonder oil boosts the immune system as well for it possesses anti-viral and immune-stimulating properties. The packs of castor oil boost lymphatic flow which in turn flushes out toxic substances out of the body. The combination of increased lymphatic flow and white blood cell activity boosts your immune system, allowing it to produce more antibodies.

#5 – Eradicates Pesky Pimples and Wrinkles


Acne and Wrinkles are the most annoying but common problems to which most of us succumb. Castor Oil constitutes anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which aids in pimple prone and wrinkled skin. Presence of high levels of Omega 6 and Fatty Acids effectively treat the acne. It fights with bacteria simultaneously moisturizing skin. Castor oil prevents further bacteria from clogging the pores on the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, the oil effectively treats aging skin. Vitamin E facilitates the production of collagen minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

#6 – Aids in Ringworm Infection 


Ringworms can prove quite obstinate to be cured. Castor oil has been found to be a very useful remedy in aiding ringworms. The undecylenic acid present in the oil is highly efficient in killing the fungal ringworm infection. All you need to do to eliminate ringworms is to apply the packs of castor oil on the affected area regularly. To yield maximum results, do the procedure before retiring to bed.

#7 – Strong Laxative 


If constipation has taken a severe toll on your life, then natural laxatives are the only option you can run to. And what could be a better option than castor oil as it exhibits strong laxative effects rendering you the required relief. it makes your bowels move. It’s believed that the ricinoleic acid available in the oil is the key to stimulate movement in the intestines. You just need to consume a spoonful of castor oil for easing your stubborn stools.

#8 – Aids in allergies 


Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil provides respite from the symptoms of allergies. The oil is being used to minimize the symptoms helping you easily sail through the allergy season. It would save you the trouble of looking for the over-the-counter medicinal treatment for your allergies. Apply castor oil regularly on the affected allergic area to enjoy its healing properties.

If these numerous advantages do not make you buy castor oil, then don’t know what would!

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