7 benefits of Pranaya

If you have decided to enter the exotic and strange world of yoga, one of the first challenges you’ll have to overcome is to learn Pranayama. Actually, this is one of those pleasant challenges that have the magical function to relax your body make you think for nothing.


What is Pranayama?

Pranayama could be described as the yoga art of breathing. To understand it correctly you should understand prana or the energy of life. The word ‘prana’ has thousands of meanings in that case:

            – breathing;

            – the absolute energy;

            – vital air;

            Pranayam comprises the main principals of life which put the base of every human being. It’s the positive energy that everyone of us needs to live a happy life. Pranayam manages the spirit of soul and plays a big role if you want to achieve the great balance between your inner and outter self. By exercising the Pranayama breathing and meditative techniques you actually work for improving your Prana and try to reach external peace.


What are the benefits of doing Pranayama?

Regulates the breathing

By daily practicing of Pranayama, you suddenly start to breathe correctly unconsciously. If you’ve felt a little bit dizzy in the begining, now you are calm and satisfied by yourself;

It charges your body with energy

When doing Pranayama you’re actually training your lungs whit the help of which you’re charging your body with energy. This allow you to continue with the more complicated yoga postures after the breathing practice.


Pranayama exercises heal stress related desorders

Although Pranayama system is not a magic, its long term practicing could reduce the stress. It provides a full relaxation of your body which explains its healing qualities. Even 30 minutes of practicing a day will cause a positive effect for your health.

It prevents the asthma

The correct breathing will facilitate the life of those who have asthma and will prevent others who may develop it.

Charges the body with power

Don’t be surprised after you feel your body more powerful after practicing Pranayama. This is one of the main advantages of this unique system.

Pranayama improves the metabolism

Breathing exercises increase the blood flow which improves the metabolism of the entire body.

Improves the function of the heart

 Some statistics show that the regular doing of Pranayama will reduce the pressure of the blood which would improve the function of the heart. This way you will naturally protect yourself from heart attacks and other heart deseases.

 The goal of these 7 advantages of Pranayama is to convince in the magical power this breathing system posseses. If you’ve still not orientated to yoga yet, we will tell you that most of the practicing people extend their life especially when they do Pranayama

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