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5 Wonderful Ways to Lose Your Water Weight

People often jump with joy when they do notice some weight loss during the initial few weeks from the commencement of their diet. As they proceed with their diet, they get overwhelmed by the loss of almost around 5 kilos that too within few days. However, the weight loss figures fluctuate and do not utterly are equivalent to the actual weight loss. The reason behind is that the weight which has been shed is actually water weight and it certainly comes across as a surprise when excess liquids have been drained showing drastic changes in body. Who won’t like the sleeker and slimmer version of them!  

Water Weight is the water retained by the body because of several reasons such as high intake of sugar and salt, too much alcohol and dehydration. The excess of sodium and carbohydrates in the body result in water weight. The actual weight loss takes time, patience and perseverance. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of weight loss by a safe reduction in excessive water content in your body.

Following are some fruitful ways to make those clumsy love handles vanish.

#1 – Daily Cardio 


It is widely known that the best way to eradicate excess water accumulation is perspiration and what can be the better alternative than cardiovascular exercise for doing so. Performing cardio accelerates the heart beat and enhances metabolism. Courtesy to the elevated metabolic rate, your body will not only end up losing fat but also the residue toxic substances which are the prime reason behind water deposits. It is advisable to do the cardio for around 30 to 60 minutes daily.

#2 – Less Sodium Intake 

less sodium intake

As aforementioned, the more sodium intake results in excess water accumulation. Feasting on the dishes with high amount of salt makes you feel bloated and you will notice a considerable increase in your belly fat. The reason behind the same is that the sodium intrinsically attracts water molecules. It is advisable to keep a check on your sodium intake and not to exceed the daily limit which is 2,300 mg a day. You can also switch to the Pink Himalayan Salt with less sodium.

#3 – Plenty of Water 

drinking water

Before you disregard this point for it is sounding unreasonable, you should give it a full read. In order to get purge of needless water weight, you have to quaff the recommended adequate amount of liquids which is 3 liters of beverages for men while 2.2 liters of beverages for women per day. If you indulge in exercise during daytime, you should consider more liquid intake to avoid dehydration. The reason being is that our body does every single endeavor to keep us essentially hydrated.

#4 – Devour Natural Diuretics 

devour natural diuretics

Diuretics are the staples which you could incorporate in your diet to enhance the loss in water weight. There is a wide array of foods from which you can choose. In fruits there are Cranberries, Water Melons and Black Currants whereas Garlic, Parsley and Fennel count in diuretic vegetables. You can also consume diuretic herbs, say, stinging nettle, cilantro and yarrow. The beverages, namely, lemon juice, green tea, carrot juice and apple cider vinegar can also be taken.

#5 – Minimize your Stress 


You must have heard that worry is like a rocking chair. It would keep you moving but will take you nowhere. Stress and anxiety are the root causes of most of our problems these days. What people fail to recognize is the severe repercussions it has on our heath. Your body weight even gets affected by the trivial daily worries you take. Cortisol is a stress-induced hormone which makes your body stock much more water and fat in it. Both physical as well as emotional distress elevates the cortisol levels in the body. It is advisable to practice meditation and utilize your leisure time doing activities you enjoy like reading a book or watching a hilarious movie.

It’s high time you mend your ways and proudly possess a lean and slender body.

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